About Us

Rhoda Brimberry
Owner and Co-Founder, Chief Picker

A long-time lover of vintage wares and crafting, Rhoda embodies the Loot spirit by infusing her clever wit and delight into every task. She continues to amaze her fellow Looters with her impressive ability to juggle a plethora of plates in the air. It’s not uncommon to find her perusing Craigslist, brainstorming new Loot Handmade offerings, and dyeing bucket-loads of fabric for a custom backdrop – all the while whipping up a tasty dinner for her family. When she’s not on duty, you can sometimes find her at a little hole-in-wall karaoke bar busting out the lyrics to “Under Pressure” or cheering on her Alma Mater, the Arkansas Razorbacks, with her intimidating hog call. Needless to say, Rhoda is the honey to Anna’s toddy.

Anna Crelia
Owner and Co-Founder, Chief Scavenger

The julep to Rhoda’s mint and fellow lefty, Anna is a beacon of style and elegance. She’s equal parts creative and analytical.  While sipping on a coconut La Croix, Anna’s been known to sketch out a perfect new furniture design and start construction all before the oven timer dings alerting of her finished key lime pie. She will belt out Taylor Swift lyrics uncontrollably while managing the books and can quickly style a bookshelf before you can say “shake it off.”

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  • Sara Barge

    Sara Barge
    Project Manager and Stylist

    Hailing from Albany, Georgia, Sara is full of southern charm. Among many talents that we continue to learn about her, she ensures our operation runs smoothly and can style like a dream. When she's not Looting with us, you can expect to see her building furniture for her house, drawing, and exploring her new home of Austin. And that smile? Its always on her face.

  • Weldon Crelia

    Weldon Crelia
    Logistics Director

    After retiring from the radio industry, Weldon came to us to help manage our logistics operation being the excellent problem solver that he is. Since he's been with us, our warehouse is spic and span and our deliveries run smoother than a stick of butter. When this jokester's not on clock, he loves to hit the golf course with his wife, spend quality time with his grandchildren, and grill up a fancy feast.

  • Ryan Bomer

    Ryan Bomer
    Delivery Manager

    Ryan is Loot's first and most loyal member. His tenure has given him the expertise it takes to ensure all of our Loot is cared for in transit. He knows our pieces by name and can pack a 24-Footer in his head. He's also the best furniture tetris player we know. Outside of work, you can find him shooting pool, hanging with his pooches, watching the Texans play football, and planning the next adventure with his wife.

  • Julio Ojeda

    Julio Ojeda
    Smalls Manager

    A joy to have around, this grandpa of 7 is always cracking jokes and keeping us up to date on all the local news. After retiring from warehouse management at a paper company, he has been helping us organize and manage all of our smalls and tabletop pieces. If you want to make his day, a piece of chocolate cake will suffice. And oddly, this coffee lover extraordinaire never goes without his caffeinated cup right before bedtime.

  • Taylor Wilcox

    Taylor Wilcox
    Brand Ambassador

    Once an intern and now a beloved member of our Loot family, Taylor is the creative branding maven behind Loot. You can find her shooting new content for our social campaigns, designing fresh marketing material or styling away in our shop, Loot Finer Goods. She spends her time away from the office hanging out in San Marcos, shopping vintage stores to curate her impeccably stylish wardrobe, and lounging by the river sipping margs. Our team is lucky to be graced with her gentle spirit and positive attitude on the daily.

  • Melissa Dale Brooks

    Melissa Dale Brooks
    Client Relations Manager and Stylist

    Melissa joined our sales team in 2018 and we could not be more excited! With her extensive design and styling background, she will take your event to the next level. If you are lucky to have her as your stylist, you not only will be able to relax knowing that everything is going to look amazing, but you will have made a new friend. When Melissa is not putting the final touches on your proposal, she is spending quality time with her family and friends, treasure troving, and exploring Austin's restaurant scene. Newly relocated back in town from New York, she can't wait to take up gardening again!

  • Alyssa Hart

    Alyssa Hart
    Business Development Manager

    Meet Alyssa May Hart. Alyssa is truly a jack of all trades but shines in her ability to connect with others and make friends wherever she goes. We love that she moved to Austin from her home state of Michigan on a whim in pursuit of a creative career. She quickly immersed herself in the Austin community and started working at Loot after the many recommendations we received on her behalf. She is known around the office for her movie trivia knowledge, being able to pin almost any song to its scene in a movie. Fun Fact: Before moving to Austin, she flipped a 100-year Victorian estate restoring it to its full glory!