Questions & Answers

  • Q. What are vintage rentals?

    Vintage Rentals are the unique and classic details not found in your typical event rental establishment. We do not rent your grandmother’s mothballed closet or old cars. What we do specialize in is well-crafted and one-of-a-kind furniture, handpicked mismatched china, glassware and everything else to make your table setting complete. We also provide all of the vintage accoutrements to complete your special affair.

  • Q. How far do you deliver?

    We mostly stick to Austin and surrounding areas, but you can spot our Loot truck heading to Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio too! Deliveries to venues outside of our 90 mile radius are considered “out of town”. Out of Town deliveries start at $750 and include room and board for our crew. Cost will vary based on how much you’ve rented and where your event is.

  • Q. Do you have a minimum?

    We accept orders of $500 and more for rentals (not including delivery and set up). We want to make sure you receive the best quality without running our small crew too thin. We hope we can host you in our warehouse to show you how we can easily help meet the minimum with our wide variety of rentals.

  • Q. How do I reserve my LOOT?

    When a proposal is made, your items are reserved for 2 weeks. If you choose to move forward with your order, we accept a 50% deposit along with a credit card on file and signed contract agreement to confirm.

  • Q. When do I pay my remaining balance?

    10 days prior to your scheduled delivery date.

  • Q. Can I change my order after signing the contract?

    Yes, you have up until 90 days out from an event to make any changes you need. After that point, we allow swaps for items of equal or greater value or rental additions. Additional deposit amount may apply.

  • Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?

    We understand things come up making you unable to follow through with your rental contract. We honor full refunds if you decide to cancel at least 90 days before your event. If within 90 days, we retain the full deposit (50% of the order amount). If order is canceled within a week of the scheduled delivery date, we retain the full order amount.

  • Q. Oops, I broke it.

    Accidents happen. For our tabletop service items, we require clients to accept a damage waiver of 10%. Tabletop items returned damaged due to negligence or misuse will be assessed a fee of three times the rental rate. For our furniture and non-tabletop items, we first try to fix and clean ourselves. If the item is beyond repair and needs to be removed from inventory, we will assess the value at three to five times the rental rate or the actual replacement cost. If the item is fixable, the client will be liable for the repair cost.

  • Q. If I don’t want delivery, can I just pick up my items myself?

    For our smaller items and non-breakable items (ie: rugs, pillows, candlesticks, chalkboards, etc.) we allow you to pick up and return these using your own covered vehicle. It is important to understand the size of the items before picking up in order to make sure they will fit in your car. Our team is happy to help assist in determining the appropriate vehicle size for the order. For our larger furniture pieces and breakables, we need our professional crew to handle their transport. We have learned through the years that because of the delicacy of our unique pieces, they are best handled by our trained staff. Plus, this allows our clients to rest easier knowing they won’t be held responsible for any damages that might be endured during the moving process.

  • Q. Do you offer a weekly rental rate?

    Yes, we offer a dandy of a deal for our customers requiring our loot on a weekly basis. This is a great option for movie sets, home staging, pop-up shops, window displays, or what have you. For more information regarding our rental rates, click here.

  • Q. Aw shucks! I don’t see what I’m looking for…

    We love the thrill of the hunt. If you’re looking for something we don’t have, but would love to rent… give us a shot! Many items in our inventory are waiting to get their headshots taken for the website, so there’s a chance we might have what you need. We also will jump at the chance to produce custom rentals as long as it fits our style too.

  • Q. I have a vision in my head – can Loot make my dream come true?

    Loot Rentals specializes in custom décor! We love to craft and create. Whether you need a custom backdrop or the whole venue transformed, we’re excited to take on the project. We require a non-refundable deposit of $150, which goes toward ideation, proposal creation, and plan of execution. In order to give your project the time and attention it deserves, we just need 30 days of production time.