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Our Mission

About Loot

Our Mission

We curate inspirational spaces through great design to cultivate deeper connections to self, community, and home encouraging you to live your best life.

The Loot Story

Rent. Shop. Live.

Loot Values

What We Believe


Live rather than consume

We find ourselves constantly shoving our way through the clutter of consumerism when we’d rather be living freely. Choose your path instead of having others tell you what you need for a full life.


Community rather than exclusivity

We celebrate makers, movers, and doers. We bring together like minded people to build community. We revel in human connectivity and believe we long to bond together. We’re proud to be able to lend our collection to enhance this experience.


Quality rather than quantity

We like to curate with love. We are all about the details. While we house a lot of options from which to choose, we don’t skimp on quality. We won’t cut corners or costs to give you the best. You recognize quality when you see it and we think you deserve the best.


Sustainable rather than disposable

We work hard to provide items and services that encourage sustainability and promote the Circular Economy. Rental is one way to help solve a disposable mentality. We are part of a community trying to rewrite how we think about consumption and goods.


Genuine rather than pretentious

We love to create something new and exciting. We don’t copy. We’re not haughty. We just love good design and have a great time creating new and exciting ways to enhance gatherings and community to encourage connection.


Empowerment rather than entitlement

We don’t deserve. We work hard to achieve.


Life with intention rather than meaningless living

Choose your path and follow it. Believe in who you are and what you do. We believe in life with purpose. We are not about choosing the quick and easy route, we’re more inclined to take the scenic path making sure to enjoy our journey all along the way.


Champions for the cause rather than employees

Our staff is more than just on the clock. They are pushers of the good life. Pushing us closer to our goals as individuals and a company. We are all in this journey together.