We can’t believe how fast January flew by!!!

In the midst of our very busy tour schedule all of us Looters have somehow managed to pow-wow and discuss the various trends that we anticipate seeing in the upcoming Spring Weddings. And we’re hopeful that most of these will stick around, too!


Nature Inspired

We are still seeing a movement toward nature inspired furniture and decor. Think rattan, neutral earthy colors, woven stools and baskets, shell chandeliers and driftwood. Foraged plants and branches with lush, leafy greens are extremely popular as well and are popping up everywhere from tabletops and cakes to arbors and ceremony aisles. Lavish furs and hides are also growing in popularity, effortlessly adding a natural element of texture and color.


Jewel Tones

Bold jewel tones are huge. Whether they’re on walls or furniture, it’s a sure way to make a statement. Some popular colors include emerald, lapis, garnet, midnight and citrine. Another impactful way to work in the rich jewel tones is with the latest trend of moody florals!


Ethnic Influences

Luxe bohemian is a huge trend that’s carried over from last year, but is still going strong. Achieve this classic free-spirited look through lots of texture and layering of ethnic prints and textiles. Turkish rugs and pillows, African printed fabrics, Moroccan styled furniture and colorful Indian kantha have proven to be a great way to warm up any space, all while providing the perfect touch of eclectic elegance.


Leather Love

Too much leather? No such thing. Leather on leather is a trend that we hope is here to stay. We’re loving the trending look of tan leathers mingling with black leathers, as well as mixing a neutral leather with a bold pop of color. If a leather couch or chair isn’t in your budget, just add a leather pouf! Either way you really can’t go wrong.


Old and New

While this isn’t necessarily a new trend, we’ve seen a resurgence in it’s popularity. Think aged leather and new upholstery, worn wood and structured glass surfaces, patina copper and smooth marble, repurposed vessels and fresh succulents, weathered trunks and MCM lines, vintage china and freshly dyed runners. There’s an art to the mixing, and we’re all for trying new and unexpected combos.



This trend is also here to stay for a while. We have seen it evolve from silver to gold to brass and now to copper. While many say that copper is the new brass, we have faith in the stylish staying power of brass. In fact, we expect to see more of a mash-up of all these different metallics together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, we’ve added a whole slew of images to our Loot Vintage Rentals Pinterest board titled Trends for 2015.

What’s your favorite trend?

What do you think will stick around?

We would love to hear back from you if left something off!

Lootfully yours,


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