Design We Love That’s Trending in ’22

In the same way that confetti, champagne, and new year’s resolutions are staples of the calendar flip from one year to the next, the design industry has its own tradition: gazing into its perfectly-styled crystal ball to predict what trends will rule in the next twelve months. From lists compiled by interior design magazines and blogs, to home renovation networks and paint companies, the best design minds from all over the industry come together to give their own two cents.    

“But, Loot,” you say. “You don’t seem like the kind of folks that would care about following the crowd. Or would do something just to be ‘trendy.’” Right you are. A Loot-designed space is unique, with its own vibe, and as individual as the story of the people or organization being celebrated. But, we’re also total design geeks. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what “experts” – especially those we really admire – are noticing and loving.  It’s that combination of down-to-earth, free-spirited originality with the best of modern design that sets the Loot Look apart from the rest. 

Curious as to what trends seemed to rise to the top, across the many lists we saw? 


1. Read our lips: Vintage is HUGE.

Whether you raid an antique mall, flea market, or your grandma’s attic, chances are, you’ll strike some piece of design gold. It’s not necessarily that what is old is new again…it’s that what’s old has intrinsic value in its own look, its own design, its own history. 

Not only that, but it points directly toward another trending priority of the day (and priority of Loot’s!): sustainability. Giving everything from furniture, to décor, to clothing, a new life through a new use, use by a different person, or a refreshed, upcycled look, means it’s one less thing in a landfill. It’s one more way to tell a story. One more way to honor the best of the past and bring it with us into the future. 

Mixing vintage and new is one of Loot’s collective superpowers…and so is finding those diamonds in the rough. Our rental collection features one-of-a-kind pieces that bring personality and style to spaces and events of any kind.

2. Biophilia (yes, it’s a word).

Kermit, you’re wrong. It IS easy being green…AND it’s totally in. Nearly every paint company that takes a stand on what the color of the year will be has put their money on some shade of green (pun intended)…emerald, sage, evergreen, olive, even avocado, you name it. It’s almost like the new neutral. 

This green heyday REALLY includes living greens themselves. Plants of all kinds, real or fake, full or sparse, in big pots, or in tabletop bowls…any way to bring the outside in is, well, in. Same with natural light…let that sun shine in as much as possible, and add to the calming, soothing effect that a space with nature at its heart can provide.

We were all about biophilia for our Ft. Worth showroom opening in July, and with our rentals, you can embrace your inner outdoorsy-ness, too.

3. We’ll give it to you straight. Curved lines are all the rage.

Let’s be honest. It’s kind of awesome when it feels like your chair is giving you a hug. Thanks to the movement away from harsher straight lines and edges (although they certainly have their place, too!), soothing and comforting curved pieces are stealing the show. And, it doesn’t stop at seating. Rounded, soft edges of bars and tables, even curves in fabric designs and patterns, in tile, in rugs, in arches…it’s a look that’s getting a lot of love these days. And, we’re all in.

4. Textured materials are giving us the feels.

The look of a piece of furniture, textile, or décor only tells part of its style story…it’s amazing how your sense of touch can take the experience of a space to the next level. Pillows can go from plain to luxurious, chairs from just comfy to cozy, tablescapes from basic to chic…all simply from the richly textured materials being used. Sherpa, velvet, boucle…they’re all among the “it” fabrics this year. And, we’ve got you covered.

5. You say dark, I say deep. You say moody, I say rich.

If subtle neutrals, flowing foilage, or light and airy aren’t your thing, you’re still in luck. From paint colors on walls and cabinets, to upholstery, rugs, and pillows, jewel tones are having a moment in the spotlight. What once may have been called “dark and moody” is now “deep and rich,” and it’s just darn hip and cool. And guess what? You can even – gasp! – mix blacks and dark tones together with browns and earthy hues. Not only is it okay, it’s “on trend.” 

P.S. Designers say that if you’re gonna splurge on this trend, you can’t go wrong with a statement sofa. 

So, are you feeling inspired?

Well, take it with a grain of salt. Maybe you’re running out to buy plants right now, darting towards the first estate sale you see, then coming home and snuggling up in your Sherpa blanket on your bright emerald boucle couch. OR NOT. The only design trend that truly matters is the one that speaks to YOU.

Can’t wait to see how you do you in ’22.

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