A Backyard Oktoberfest – The Loot Way

Between the finally-slightly-cooler Texas temps, pumpkin spice as far as the eye can see, and weekends full of football, we’re getting ALL of the Fall feels up in here. What better way to welcome the season than an Oktoberfest celebration in your own backyard?

Trust us, it’s easier than it sounds. Our rule-of-thumb when it comes to entertaining? Make it simple, authentic, pretty, casual, and fun.

The brews & brats bash basics:

Get inspired by the colors and textures of the season: rust, amber, and deep green, mixed with woods and copper.

Go organic when it comes to decor, for a simple yet beautiful tablescape. Forage in the backyard and combine your finds with items like taper candles, dough bowls, and rich wooden bread boards.

Anna with flowers
Anna setting Oktoberfest table

Insider Tip:

Add warmth and character to your Oktoberfest tabletop with vintage, one-of-a-kind items from our shop, Loot Finer Goods. From small wooden cups for ground mustard, to rustic linen napkins and stoneware, your tablescape will not only wow your guests, but will provide joy for years more to come.

LFG linens for Okt

Create a warm, inviting space to enjoy the crisp Fall air. Arrange your own outdoor furniture into cozy lounges, light up the fire pit, or even drag that wooden kitchen table out to the patio!

Hey, There…

Not feeling your at-home options? We’ve got you covered.

Explore all of our perfect-for-Fall-fetes rentals for inspiration.



Now, the best part: loading up on festive food and drink. Use the treasure of a favorite family recipe to wow your guests and get them in the spirit of the season.

One of our go-to’s? Our family’s signature beer brats. Try them out yourself with the recipe below. But, shhhh…it’s a family secret.

Matt brimberry’s Beer brats

(That’s Rhoda’s husband and anna’s brother!)

What you’ll need:

6 bratwurst
2-3 large onions
1 clove garlic
1/2 cup butter
1 beer
salt and pepper

What to do:

Julienne onions and saute in butter with garlic.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Add beer and bring to a slow boil.
Add bratwurst (if desired, grill beforehand for texture).
Simmer until cooked through.
Serve brats with reduced onion sauce.

As for drinks, you can’t go wrong with a sampling of stellar brews (or just one favorite!) in festive glassware.

Find Your Local Faves…

Tapping into the offerings right in your neighborhood will always elevate your gathering (and maybe even take some of the workload off of the host/hostess!).

Here are some of OUR Oktoberfest favorites from the Texas Loot hometowns of Austin and Ft. Worth.

SO, clink those steins and give a big “PROST” to an Oktoberfest your guests won’t soon forget. Just be prepared…you’ll likely get requests for a repeat next year.

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