A Year-End Letter from Rhoda

In our year end evaluation, I was shocked to learn we had completed 900 events this year. That’s 200 more than last year. No wonder we’re tired! 

But we’re glowing at the same time because we’re proud of all we’ve accomplished in our work and proud of how we helped make all these events extra special with our rentals. From weddings, to private parties to corporate events, our rentals were engaged in a lot of festivities! 

We’re also humbled by it all. With all the growth we’ve experienced and the trust you’ve put into us, we want you to know that we take pride in what we do and strive to make sure we put the same amount of care into every order we fulfill. Because of the growth and the increased pace, we’ve learned we have to implement some new processes to keep up with the demands of our company. We’re excited to roll out the new procedures next year so we can hold true to one of our most important values: quality. Quality in the condition of our rentals, quality in the people that serve you, quality in your experience with us. 

Speaking of roll outs, we’re also excited to introduce a new program, the Loyal Looter Club. Here at Loot, we believe in collaboration.  We want to uplift our community that has supported us throughout the years. We’ve enjoyed our success because of the efforts of everyone in our industry, but most importantly, our planners. We’ve never fully introduced the program to the public so we’re excited to do so for the new year. What is a Loyal Looter, you may ask? This is a person who supports our efforts by coming back time and time again to rent. In one calendar year, if you’ve spent at least $20,000 with Loot, then you will receive the club’s benefits and perks for the remainder of the year that will carry over into the next calendar year. Some of the perks include: 10% off all rentals, use of our showrooms for client visits, featured spotlights of your business on our social media and website, an exclusive invitation to our annual Loyal Looter Club celebration as well as our annual Planners Day Out event, cool exclusive Loot merch, invitations to update your headshot at our private headshot happy hour event and other gifts and perks throughout the year! This is our way to say thanks in true Loot fashion. 

We’re all about giving back after our bounce back from the pandemic. We realize that while there’s plenty of reasons to rejoice and celebrate, there are still people needing assistance. We are excited to partner with the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program for the second year in a row. For every order over $1000 during the month of December, we excitedly adopted an angel and had so much fun as a company fulfilling the needs and wishes for 42 angels. Our hearts as well as our car trunks were full. It just brings so much happiness to know we were able to spread love to so many deserving children that would not have otherwise received gifts over the holidays – all because of your support. 

Thank you for continuing to trust in us and allowing us to do what we love: create beautiful connections among people through great design. Our team is growing and so is the love. We are thrilled you’ve trusted us through the past 11 years of business and we’re so excited to continue to share our Loot with you in the upcoming years. Hug those you love, lend a hand and a smile to those around you, and please enjoy the season. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Lootfully Yours,

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