At Long Last….Welcome to Another New Loot Monday!

Hello again Loot Lovers! Long long time since we last visited with you and we’re sorry for our absence from the blog. Please know it wasn’t because we had nothing to say but rather because we lacked the time to share all our excitement! We have lots of new family members to introduce to you starting with this charming stunner named Frenchie.


Frenchie came to the states to test her luck at the American Idol auditions in Austin. She had been following the show since the beginning when she cried tears of joy along with the rest of the world at the announcement of Kelly Clarkson becoming the first American Idol. It was on that fateful prime time Tuesday evening that she vowed to one day become France’s first American Idol. For nearly eight years, she practiced her audition song “Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba.

 While most of the judges were thoroughly enchanted with Frenchie’s stage presence, it was Simon that put the kabosh on sweet Frenchie’s rendition of the late nineties anthem stating that she just was not American Idol material. He was frank as always in sharing that she was just destined for another career path. Cue the sad story montage to the tune of “All By Myself.” After a month of sulking and feasting on her favorite American treat, Krispie Kreme, Frenchie realized that Simon was right and that she could use her French beauty and sweet disposition to delight as lounge seating in party settings. She got knocked down, but got up again to shine brighter than ever as one of Loot’s talented performers.

We promise to keep the posts coming. See you next time!

Lootfully Yours,

Rhoda and Anna

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