Don't You Want to Move Right In?

If you know the Loot Crew, you know we never miss the opportunity to throw a great party. And with the launch of our home staging services, we jumped at the chance to host an open house and turn the Loot showroom into an actual house.
With the help of Bryce VandergriffLa Pera Catering, House of Margot Blair, and Gal Friday Bakes, we opened our doors to the realtors, architects, and home builders in Austin, and all we can say is, oh what a night! Tasty cocktails, cool jams, and a bed in the middle of the room all came together for the best house party we’ve seen in a while.
If you’re interested in home staging, reach out to our team for more details. We offer monthly staging rates that include furniture, quality wall art and decorative accent pieces for as many or as few rooms as you’d prefer. The only problem we foresee is that you might have a harder time letting your home go after seeing it staged with items from Loot!
All photos by Bryce Vandergriff

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