Feliz Sale features Loot Vintage Rentals

Sorry, but we can’t help get excited about a little holiday shopping this early in the game. But come on! It’s Feliz, y’all! One of Austin’s best collection of local craftsmen and sellers all in one location AT THE SAME TIME!

We loved sponsoring the sale last year and expect this year to be just as excellent if not better! Please check out this little ditty they wrote about us (blushing). Being loved by people we love = love overload.

See the post here. You might learn a little something about Rhoda and Anna you didn’t realize you wanted to know like: What are they doing on the side of the road? or What conversations are forbidden during “family” time? And see some of the lovely eye candy they captured in our warehouse below.

Thanks, Feliz, for allowing us in on this cool project featuring local (and amazing) businesses. See you Nov. 3!

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