Creating an event is an art in itself. Just like choosing art for your home, it involves careful thought and attention to detail. You envision a particular look, a color palette, and a desired atmosphere. You invest time in researching and hunting for just the right piece.

We understand that creating an inspirational event not only requires great design, but thinking through how your guests will feel when they walk through the door. When it comes to choosing the right furnishings, we’ve done the legwork, searching for treasures old and new, to curate a collection that allows you to craft an event that’s uniquely you. Each piece we offer can be used in a million different ways, turning it into a reflection of your individual style and vision. To give your event that extra thought and attention, see some tips below on how to create good vibes at your next event.

01. FEEL

Before having guests over, as you prepare the space, begin setting your intention of your time together. What do you want them to feel and experience?


Light a smudge stick, palo santo, or incense of your choice with a match at the door where guests will enter. Do not blow out the flame, but use your opposite hand to fan the flame out until only smoke remains. Envision your guests coming in and what mood you want to create. Begin walking clockwise around the perimeter of the space and speak out your intention for your time together.


Choose textiles in various forms that are pleasing to touch. Also, if serving food and beverages choose items that have an interesting feel in the hand. This could be handmade pottery, modern geometric ceramic ware, or natural fiber disposable ware such as wood and palm leaves.


Choose flavors to fit the theme of your evening. Pairing food choices, be it light bites or a multi course meal, with a cocktail and/or mocktail will help “set the table” for good conversations.

05. SEE

Creating a space that is visually stimulating can happen in many ways. If your space is full of neutral tones explore tying it into your food and beverage choices (white bean and kale soup with fresh butter and baguettes), or modern eclectic (a colorful charcuterie spread spanning salty to sweet and everything in between). Let your food presentation be a reflection of your interior style.

06. HEAR

Set the tone of your gathering with some music to fit the vibe. Check out our Spotify for some of our current faves.

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