How to Host Your Own Galentine’s Day Brunch

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…and Brunch

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…Loot loves love. Most of the time, we’re celebrating the Holy Matrimony kind, but no rings need be exchanged for us to recognize a good reason for a great party.

We get it. Your ideal Valentine’s Day involves snuggling with your sweetie, reveling in the romantic, and eating lots (and lots, and lots) of chocolate with your boo…BUT you also have mad love for your besties, and all the special gals in your life that love you through and through. Or, maybe you’re a Beyonce-loving single lady who knows this holiday is about celebrating all kinds of love. Whatever your love story, do we have an occasion for you: Galentine’s Day.

Fun fact. Galentine’s Day is an age-old tradition started by storied couples of ancient times. Okay, no. The phrase was coined by the character Leslie Knope on the hit show Parks and Recreation:

“Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.”

We hear you, Leslie, and we are ALL IN. (And, the 13th even falls on a Sunday this year…it’s practically begging for a brunch.)

Any fabulous, memorable party is one that appeals to ALL the senses…where the feel, and the love literally surrounds your guests. So, the fact that our Loot Guide to a Galentine’s Day Brunch centers around the senses just makes, yes…sense.


The goal: to have your gals walk into your home/venue/wherever you party, and do their best impression of the heart-eyed emoji. You want your guests to feel the love and care you’ve put in to making this get-together one to remember, and the space you create is the first important step.

For a cozy, comfortable, effortless look, try making the base of your style centered around calming neutrals. It IS February, after all, so a warm, soft space will be a welcome escape from the chill of the season.

How about this for the epitome of cozy? Meet our new Tobie Tipiis. That’s right…tipii. Style with soft pillows and blankets and your guests will want to either cuddle up, or maybe even take a little snooze.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good dose of red and bright pink. But, there are ways to layer in those Valentine staple hues that allow you to be both free-spirited AND festive. Our Bohemian Picnic Package is the perfect way to gather ’round with your best gal’s in style.

We also love these items for your classic pops of red and pink!


Interesting textures add a whole new level of style to any space, and mixing a variety of them is so 2022. Show some love for fabrics of all kinds that not only add to the look, but add to the feel, and to the experience of interacting with the pieces that make up the party’s setting. Whether it’s boucle, Sherpa, velvet, even the combination a cool-feeling fabric with the bounce of a cushion, it elevates any room.


Good music is a MUST for every gathering, so let your guests’ ears feast on some love songs that run the gamut from sweet and romantic to dance-worthy anthems. (Have you heard about our annual Free Love event? On Valentine’s Day, we’ll be gifting seven couples in Austin and seven couples in DFW a free Loot-designed wedding or vow renewal. This playlist is our jam while they celebrate at their reception that day.)


Now we’re talking. It IS brunch, after all, so let’s show those taste buds some love. Being the hostess can often mean that your enjoyment of your own shindig takes a backseat to catering (literally) to your guests, but it doesn’t HAVE to be the case. You’re the boss here, so make it easier on yourself by serving food and drinks they can actually serve themselves.
Let’s start with drinks.

“Brunch” is almost synonymous with “mimosa.” Creating a signature cocktail to share plus a way for the gals to customize their own concoctions, is a genius way to take the bartending duties off your plate. Plus, they’re just pretty. A beautiful and oh-so-yummy option? This Strawberry Cream Mimosa is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Strawberry Cream Mimosa

We also bet your gal pals will love mixing together their own sparkling treats with a stocked mimosa bar. Champagne or prosecco plus a variety of juice options and fruits equals happy ladies.

DIY Mimosa Bar

BUT, don’t forget to serve it all in style. Any of our gold Loot bar carts plus glasses bring smiles to complete the perfect look.

As for the goodies to snack on and graze around, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous AND delicious charcuterie board: whether a pretty Valentine’s version of a classic…

Charcuterie by Board & Brie

OR a specially tailored breakfast/brunch assortment, featuring croissants, or avocado toast, or yogurt parfaits.

Breakfast Board

DON’T FORGET: Present the boards on one of our unique tables, and use soft and gold tabletop items to add to the look.


Since the plan doesn’t include freshly baked cookies (although, it CAN…you do you), it’s always a plus to make your gathering have a distinctive, pleasing scent. It could always come from fresh flowers, but we also have a couple other ideas.

First, Looters {heart} Palo Santo. We love to burn it, we love to gift it, we love to LOVE it. Literally meaning “holy wood,” this natural incense comes from wild trees native to Central and South America. Simply hold a flame to one end of the stick for up to 30 seconds, and let the smoke drift throughout the room to ward off bad energy and calm the mind. Tie it up with dried flowers and it also makes a beautiful place setting and a bundle of a soothing aroma for your guests to bring home.

Or, there’s the old standby: candles. As long as you stay away from anything TOO overpowering, candles can add not only ambiance, but also a fragrance to set the mood. Even tapered candles can come scented these days, and they – along with the candles available everywhere in jars – deserve a special and honored spot on the table. Present them in style with some of Loot’s candlesticks.


Ah, yes, the lesser-known sixth sense. (Yes, we made this up.) No visions of dead people included, just the warm fuzzies that come from the genuine expressions of appreciation and love for your gals. Sure, you can always go back to the good old days and break out those matching BFF necklaces (although, in their defense, there ARE some cool new versions!), but let’s get with program, folks.

Sometimes the best gift isn’t even a gift at all, but a token of love straight from the heart. Steal a play from Kylie Jenner’s Galentine’s playbook and include at every place setting a note about the things you love most about each guest.

Kylie’s Galentine’s Playbook

Or, how about this for a way for your gals to remember the sentiment of the day? Another candle shout-out, but this time to one that they can take home to remember how super-cool you are, and how much you think of them. (Thanks, Bloomies.)

Bloomingdale’s Candle

Still at a loss? Check out this great list of ideas for your besties. But, at the end of the day, your friendship is what they treasure most, and the fact that you celebrated that love at your own Galentine’s makes you friends and soul sisters for-evah.

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