A Letter From Loot

Unprecedented times. That’s a term that I have little tolerance for any longer. What about new territory or chance for new beginnings?

That’s how we are looking at things at Loot Rentals. March 6, 2020 will go down in history as one of our dark days. That’s when SXSW was cancelled and our trajectory changed tragically. But from tragedy comes hope and that’s where we stand today.

I am writing to let you all know that we’re still here! We’re using this time to prepare for what we expect will be a rip roaring celebration when we cross the finish line, or get to the new next level of this new territory. We say it like a silent mantra in our heads, “parties. will. come. back. parties. will .come. back. ” And we will be there with bells on to celebrate alongside you. 

In fact, we’re seeing the uptick this fall and we’re embracing all the new work with open arms. People are cautiously celebrating, we’re putting together new lookbooks with scenes from area venues that are ready to receive you, and we’re freshening up our inventory as it is starting to come off the shelves again and travel to your events. 

In the beginning we were looking at this as a sprint. Easy, right? The finish line could be seen at the end of this straight path. In fact, even though we expected a record breaking March, we secretly embraced the slower pace that we haven’t seen since starting this business 10 years ago. We listened, we embraced, we changed. We used the time to reinvent and pivot. 

But now here we stand in October and we realized the sprint really is a marathon. Maybe an ultra marathon? Who’s to say at this point. It’s all speculation. But what I know for certain is that we are being tested in ways I’ve never seen in my lifetime and I embrace this challenge. Maybe we’re in mile 5, mile 10 or 18. Not quite certain. So we’re pacing ourselves rather than sprinting. And in our pace, we’re staying energized. And in our planning, we’re staying relevant and open to receive you when you’re ready. 

I have been told that I’m a Pollyanna. And it wasn’t a compliment. But for someone that is fueled by anxiety, being a Pollyanna keeps my spirits going when uncertainty is the only flavor of the month. For the past seven months.

We’re focusing on what drives us. Like in the heat of the marathon when you need to create positive imagery to keep your spirits up. What fuels us? Beautiful design, connection with people, and hope for humanity. Simply put. 

We’re still here and ready for you. Don’t stifle your hopes and dreams of a wedding or celebration. Use that imagery to fuel you and energize you while you continue this course to the finish line. We’ll get there and Loot will be there ready to plan your event when you arrive. 

Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop striving. Don’t stop pressing forward. We’re still in this together.

Lootfully Yours, Rhoda

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