Loot Loves: Austin Phonograph Company


Photo by John Lynch

Amelia Foxtrot’s the name, and spinning is her game….the vinyl that is. On a hand cranked vintage phonograph player from the early 1900s, no less. 

We are excited to have the flapper clad DJ join us as our musicologist ripping up the 78 rpms this Thursday at the warehouse warming party. Be sure to get your requests in for any early 1900s tunes that really get your party going. 

When Amelia is not working the phonograph, she’s slinging ice cream at her Hyde Park ice cream shop, Sweet Ritual. All-natural, dairy-free perfection. 

She was able to tear away to give us the scoop on herself. Ladies and gentlemen: Miss Amelia Foxtrot.

1)   What are your favorite Austin haunts

For cocktails and music, I head to the East Side Show Room or The Volstead on East Sixth. I frequent Sweet Ritual for desserts, and Hillside Farmacy for coffee.

2)   What was one of your most memorable meals and why?

The first breakfast I had in France as an exchange student at age 14 was the first time I had toasted French bread and Nutella together. It was a real game changer.

3)   Share the most memorable Halloween costume from your past.

I created an enormous golden cage skirt – so large that I almost couldn’t get it out of my house! I wore it to the Vintage Vivant Halloween party and had to ask people to clear a path so that I could walk!

4)   Beach Boys or Beatles?

The Beatles.

5)   Chicken or the egg?

I have five pet chickens that bring me immense joy. They are named after Jazz singers from the 1920s – Annette HENshaw being my favorite.

6)   What animal best describes you and why?

The pigeon – they are scrappy, fearless, and have fancy pink feet.

7)   What is your favorite board game?

I’m quite partial to Dominos or Dice.

8)   Do you prefer a savory or a sweet breakfast?

Savory, bien sur! Nothing like garlic and black coffee to start the day.

9)   What name would you like Loot to use for one of its new signature pieces?

Eunice. Love that name!

Oh, we do too. See you soon, Amelia!

Lootfully Yours,

Anna and Rhoda

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