Loot Loves: Emily Leach of Bird Dog Wedding

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You might have heard the name buzzing around town or have seen some of her work in the past. Bird Dog Wedding is all the rave when it comes to putting together a clean, bright, and festive-y fun wedding. She loves the use of colors and has a keen eye for impeccable style. Also, her penchant for paper crafts is unrivaled.

Photo Courtesy of Tribeza Magazine

Photo Courtesy of Tribeza Magazine

Bird Dog’s creator, Emily Leach, can be seen on newsstands as one of Tribeza Magazine’s featured artists in this month’s Love issue. She was also recently honored by Wedding Wire as Bride’s Choice for 2013. She’s a blast to work with and will become your bestie before you know it.
Emily is a featured sponsor for the Loot warehouse warming party. She gave us a few minutes to answer some extremely pressing questions to kick of our sponsor highlight posts.
Get to know the fun gal behind the magic:

1)   What are your favorite Austin haunts?

Anywhere I can hang out with my husband and dog and enjoy a delicious local craft beer or two. Draught House and Workhorse fit the bill perfectly.

2)   What was one of your most memorable meals and why?

I’ve had a lot of great food memories here. One stands out because it was at a time when I started experimenting with elevated cuisine. Parkside, back when it opened. All the food looked and tasted amazing. We felt like we were eating some Top-Chef-quality stuff (the show was our reference for food trends and terminology).

3)   Share the most memorable Halloween costume from your past.

A dirndl I acquired in Munich was a festive and popular costume.

4)   Beach Boys or Beatles?
5)   Chicken or the egg?


6)   What animal best describes you and why?

A dolphin – I like to be social and chat it up with all my pals.

7)   What is your favorite board game?

Clue – love the characters’ names and the suspense of it all.

8)   Do you prefer a savory or a sweet breakfast?

Sweet. The pumpkin french toast at Kerbey Lane is up there!

9)   What name would you like Loot to use for one of its new signature pieces?

Thank you, Emily! Elliot is a great choice. Look out for Elliot in the inventory soon!

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