Loot Loves: Pollen Floral Art

I don’t know how we got so lucky to have Brooke Howsley of Pollen Floral Art as our featured florist at the upcoming warehouse warming party on Feb. 21, but we’re excited nonetheless! Her creations have been featured in Southern Weddings as well as the Austin’s Modern House Tour. Brooke’s whimsy-infused arrangements easily fit into many different design genres, but demand your ogling wherever they glow.  No, that’s not a typo. They G.L.O.W.

You’d do well to hire this fabulous lady to help florify your event. Why not sit a while and sip on a little Brooke Q and A, will ya?
What are your favorite Austin haunts?
Oh, there are so many! I lived out of the country for a while, so when I came back I just drove around town visiting all my favorite places… Uncommon Objects for antiques and people watching, Uchiko for sushi, Wheatsville Coop for groceries, VinoVino in Hyde Park for wine and atmosphere and sliders, Daily Juice, Austin Flower Company, and any of the Farmer’s Markets.
What was one of your most memorable meals and why?
I had the pleasure of eating at the soft opening night at Uchi, all those years ago. You could really tell that something special was happening with the presentation and combinations of flavors in the food. It’s still amazing.

Share the most memorable Halloween costume from your past.
I tried to be The Ocean this past year, with a flowy aqua-blue 70’s gown, and long wig interspersed with flotsam and jetsom. But my Surfer Dude sidekick fell asleep on the couch so we never made it to the party.
Beach Boys or Beatles?
Beach Boys, I think, because hubby’s a surfer and we lived on an island for a couple years… although he’d probably convert that to Beastie Boys because he likes to play them at *full volume* when working in the garage.
Chicken or the egg?
Egg, and preferably the orange-yolked ones my parents produce on their property Tailspin Lamb Farm in north Texas.
What animal best describes you and why?
Cat, because I like to think I’m independent and wily, but really I just want a sunny bed and someone to feed me.
What is your favorite board game?
Does Boggle count?
Do you prefer a savory or a sweet breakfast?
I’m currently trying to kick sugar, so right now I’d say an omelet with sausage, leeks and mushrooms which is what I had today. But I dream of brioche french toast covered in sauteed rhubarb and lemon curd with a side of bacon like I used to get at my favorite beach-side cafe in New Zealand.
What name would you like Loot to use for one of its new signature pieces?
Feminine: Jasmine, Masculine: Williamsburg
Thanks, Brooke. We look forward to having you…and your glowing beauties…at the warehouse party this Thursday.

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