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Our hands have major talent envy when we see the beautiful calligraphy that poured out of Wayfarer’s Creative inceptor, Alison Rebecca Martin. 

Wayfarer’s is a collaborative of like-minded artists that share their passion for life’s biggest moments and want to create celebrations of love.  We’re excited to have Alison as our featured calligrapher putting pen to paper and marking our hearts.


Come meet Alison and see examples of her work at our warehouse warming party this Thursday. In the meantime, learn a little more about her here.

Miss Alison Rebecca Martin:

1)   What are your favorite Austin haunts?

I’m a huge homebody (thus the reason calligraphy is the perfect career for me), but when I do venture out of my abode I tend to frequent coffee shops and restaurants in South Austin. The patio at Bouldin Creek Cafe is great for hipster watching, I literally drool over the gorgeous branding at Elizabeth Street Cafe, and always stop by Whip In on Fridays for my favorite bottle of Moscato di’Asti. The wine buyer there is a super nice guy who has the best suggestions.

2)   What was one of your most memorable meals and why?

It involved chocolate. My memory is terrible, but I’m sure it involved chocolate.

3)   Share the most memorable Halloween costume from your past.

One year I went as Cavity Sam from the game Operation. It scared my husband a little, but it was hilarious to see people’s faces when they figured it out. But, the best costume I’ve ever seen was “your mom in the 70s”. The girl had awesome cat eye makeup, a serious poof, and a sexy, retro teddy. 

4)   Beach Boys or Beatles?

The Beatles. I’ve always been afraid of surfin’, and the beaches in Destin, Florida are prettier than Californi-a anyway.

5)   Chicken or the egg?

Ummm… egg!

6)   What animal best describes you and why?

A kitten. I love exploring and can be very curious. Also, I could snuggle in one sunny spot all day long. I’ve never understood people that couldn’t sit still!


7)   What is your favorite board game?

Rummikub. It’s the only time you’ll catch me doing any sort of math.

8)   Do you prefer a savory or a sweet breakfast?

BOTH. I LOVE breakfast! 

9)   What name would you like Loot to use for one of its new signature pieces?

The “Oh, Charles” Settee. I imagine Lady Mary Crawley feigning a faint onto the tufted cushion in order to catch the attention of a dashing young man of nobility. Hand on the forehead, and all.

Perhaps you can dramatize the move for us on Thursday, Alison! Looking forward to seeing you as well as all our friends.

Until then, we remain Lootfully Yours,

Rhoda and Anna


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