Loot Salutes the Interns of the World

Since the school year is coming to a close, we are reminded of all the hard work and dedication interns have provided to help keep things running smoothly in the daily chaos.
Loot had the pleasure and privilege in nurturing two severely talented gals we’ve grown to love: Nicole De Palma who served in our creative area, and Sara Jessica Abrams who served in a planning capacity. Nicole and Sara exhibited some amazing traits that I think any future interns with Loot or any company should take into consideration.


Our Loot team with special guests: (from L to R) Nicole De Palma, Rhoda Brimberry, Emily Leach of Bird Dog Wedding, Sara Jessica Abrams, and Anna Crelia.

Nicole came to us after seeing an installation we did for the Feliz Sale at the Palm Door. While she was already a student full time and interning at another company in Austin, she wrote to us exclaiming her love for the craft and wanted to know if there was ever an opportunity for her to join us in our crafting adventures. While we didn’t have a position at the time, her gusto and fervor was hard to deny, so we invited her in. She shared her design projects with us and we immediately knew that she had some great talent to offer our team. We immediately took her on as our intern. She has not failed us in her creativity, willingness to learn, getting her hands dirty, and constant excitement for each project to come. Today, just a few days before University of Texas’ graduation, we are proud to call Nicole one of our newest employees where we know she will continue to shine and triumph. We are excited to have her on the team. And to think she came to us without knowing there was even an opportunity for her? That takes a lot of guts! Lesson? Always pursue what inspires you. You never know what opportunities await until you seek them!
Sara impressed us right off the bat. We met her while she was interning for Royal Fig when we had just opened our doors. Every time we were at an industry event or wedding, she was always there representing yet another company or volunteering. She really knew how to network! And to top it off, she had a business card. Not as a representative of any particular company, but rather, as a representative of herself. We were always blown away at how many people she knew in the industry and how well she planned events. She’s like a seasoned pro and still has another semester left in college! We were excited to ask for Sara to join us in putting together our warehouse party and she was such an asset.  She put her keen networking skills to work to help us put together the party of the year, and even kept up the networking skills to land her first solo coordination gig. We are so proud of Sara’s accomplishments thus far and know she will do so well once she finishes school this December. To the future employers of Sara: let it be known that we will serve as a reference and recommend her for your planning or coordination position without any reservation! You may also go to her new Facebook business page: Sara Jessica Events.
Let these two fantastic ladies serve as perfect examples on how to get your foot in the door. Interning is one thing, but taking the reigns and owning the internship is another. This is your future and it is up to you to mold it into what you want your life to be.

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