Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We put together some of our favorite pieces your mom is sure to love from our
Finer Goods collection! Whether she’s got it all or insists she needs nothing,
we’ve got something special to delight her this Mother’s Day!

1. Phases Tea Cups, Set of 6. $60.

Simple yet striking, these new white dipped ceramic cups are natural and neutral. Perfect for your mom’s morning routine, but too beautiful to not display proudly.

2. African Beaded Strands, $40 each.

Can’t decide between a gift for her home or her wardrobe? With these beaded strands you don’t have to choose! Add a little bit of natural texture to your home or an outfit with these hand carved beaded strands. They are ethically sourced from the desert tribes of Africa.

3. Tunisian Cotton Hand Towels, $8 each.

Whatever vibe your mama’s kitchen takes on, these will easily find a spot next to the oven or displayed at your next family meal.

4. Palo Santo Beard + Face Oil, $40.

A truly all-natural daily moisturizer designed to keep your skin looking healthy and shine-free all day long. Not insinuating mom has a beard, but we can speculate this oil will become a crowd favorite at home. This lightweight formula is packed with nourishing oils and anti-aging ingredients.

5. Palo Santo Hand Salve, $20.

This will make a great pairing with the Palo Santo face oil, this salve is perfect for dry, rough, and cracked hands. Long prized for its ritual cleansing properties, the light Palo Santo scent also reduces stress and fights off bacteria as you apply.

6. Palo Santo Soap x Skeem Design, $15.

If you couldn’t tell by now we’re pretty big fans of Palo Santo in any and every form. It’s believed the essential oil holds all the properties of the sacred wood, and will ward off bad energy, and calm and cleanse the body and mind. We can’t think of a better way to bathe.

7. The Vega Candle, 16oz. $36

Taking inspiration from the sky above and the brightest star systems within, this candle will intrigue and inspire. It features a double wicked matte black glass jar. The Vega features notes of earthy oak moss, rich leather, and warm musk. All ingredients are made in the U.S.A.

8. The Desert Sage Candle, 8oz. $22.

Inspired by and designed for individuals who want to be connected to the process, ingredients, and people behind the goods they purchase. Square Trade Goods creates all their scents in house and are poured by hand in Richmond, VA. The Desert Sage candle features notes of dry, earthy desert sage bush with green, damp oakmoss.

9. Square Trade Goods Vega Room Spray, 4 oz. $20.

If you don’t trust your mom around an open flame, switch out the Vega candle for the room spray. It gives an instant refresh to any space. We love using it on linens and upholstery before or after entertaining.

10. Son Of A Sailor Valencia Pen & Case, $50.

This gorgeous (and funky) leather pen case carries a beautiful gold pen perfect for writing letters or making a quick grocery list. No task is too big or small for this timeless beauty.

11. Black Desktop Notepad, $14.

The desktop notepad was designed to fit seamlessly with all your general office supplies – it’s the perfect pad to jot down notes during meetings, assemble your daily to-do’s or bullet journal. Create a dynamic duo by gifting this with the Valencia pen and leather case.

12. Maple Edie Stacked Wall Hanging, $28.

This beauty is made by Mingled Goods, the maple wood is ethically sourced and will make a great addition to an entryway, nursery, or just about any other room in need of a natural adornment.

13. Black Turkish Terry Towel, $54.

Use this handmade Turkish terry cloth towel after a hot shower, or even as a scarf or tablecloth. Whatever your aesthetic desires, this versatile linen literally has you covered. Perfect for the traveling mama!

14. Mushroom Jug, $36.

Top up your drinks with this beautiful understated Mushroom Jug, that lets its hand finished surface and angled shape make all the statement it needs. Use for dinner parties or a shared drinks reception from home.

15. Slate Cheese Board, Mini- $22, Medium- $34.

Make meal times at mom’s sophisticated with this rough lux slate cheese board, perfect for tearing and sharing. Handmade with love and care, making each one unique.

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