National Park Week – Immerse Yourself in Nature

National Park Week celebrates the natural wonders and beauty of America’s national parks, providing an opportunity for people to appreciate and explore the diverse landscapes across the country. During this week-long celebration, visitors are encouraged to engage with nature, learn about conservation efforts, and enjoy recreational activities within these protected areas. 

National Park Week is the perfect opportunity to soak in the stunning beauty our country has to offer. From the rugged canyons of Utah to the pristine sands of New Mexico and the charming bends of Texas, America’s national parks stand as testaments to nature’s unparalleled creativity. Drawing inspiration from three iconic national parks – Big Bend in Texas, White Sands in New Mexico, and Bryce Canyon in Utah – we’ve curated a selection of rental items that capture the spirit of these landscapes.

Combining natural elements and drawing inspiration from Big Bend, Texas, we source our Blanco River Rocks directly from the ground. Our Essex Butterfly Chairs feature beautifully stitched leather, while our Mojave Rug, with its desert tones and tribal pattern, completes the scene.

For White Sands of New Mexico, we showcase our delicate hemp rugs for their unique perfection. Our Judd Cubes, low to the ground, offer a modern and minimalistic look, while our Caicos Antique Umbrellas provide ample shade on those sunny days.

Our Marta Rug and Antwerp Sectional, with their earthy tones, perfectly capture the essence of Bryce Canyon’s rugged beauty. Meanwhile, the rustic charm of the Henri Coffee Table adds a timeless appeal to Utah. Together, they offer a delightful way to bring a touch of the great outdoors into your indoor space!

From April 20th to 28th, it’s National Park Week, one of the best ways to celebrate Earth Month! To kick off the week on April 20th, you can visit any National Park for free! For more details and to plan your visit, check out the National Park link here.

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