New Loot Monday: Doily Chandelier

Happy Monday, everyone!
Today we are excited to introduce one of the many lighting options from Loot Vintage Rentals: the doily pendant chandelier. Crafted in our own Swag Handmade workshop, this chandelier was created to enhance your event with an alternate lighting option that gives your ceiling space a little illuminated pizzazz. One looks beautiful in an intimate setting, or you can use multiple doily pendants to spruce up your dance floor or reception. Come talk with us about how these might work for your event!

She sways dreamily from the rafters shedding radiance to all that bask in her glow.

In other Loot news, we are excited to see our calendar fill up with some pretty amazing events coming up in the fall. We do have some space available still for those of you still feeling the need for vintage in your life! Please shoot us an email at [email protected] or call 512-576-9325.
Keep checking back with us as we have many more surprises up our sleeves that we can’t wait to unveil!
Until then we are Lootfully Yours,
Rhoda and Anna

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