New Loot Monday: Have you met Georgina?

She’s been a member of the family for some time, but I don’t think we gave her proper introduction: Meet Georgina.

Georgina is the girl that all the other girls talk about.  Born to French royalty, Madame Georgina doesn’t speak a lick of English.  And she doesn’t care to.  As an only child, she was spoiled rotten…often going to Avenue Montaigne and buying whatever her heart desired.  As she got older, she only blossomed into the most beautiful sofa in all of Paris.  One fateful evening Georgina caught the eye of a rich oil magnate from Texas named Ted and the rest is history.  He caressed her brocade, she batted her eyelashes and said, “Oui.”  She packed up her Chanel, they sailed home on his yacht, and eventually built a castle in the hills of Texas.  She is not friendly, never has been and her beauty still makes the other girls green with envy.  Of course, not her perfect shade of mossy green, but green nonetheless.

Her bark is worse that her bite. Come visit us in the warehouse to see the beauty for yourself!

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