New Loot Monday: Malone Bar

Mr. Malone, a gentleman from Savannah, Georgia, knows how to help his guests cool off on a hot summer day. Just add some lemonade or iced tea into some mason jars and serve over ice under an umbrella. A descendent of moonshine distributors back in the day, his bartending smarts were handed down generation to generation by family who all knew just the right ingredients to create the perfect impromptu soiree. It is rumored that his grandfather and great uncle died at the hands of Carrie Nation (a.k.a. Mary Hatchet) during the pre-prohibiton era. Since then his family has been of the roaming kind — never staying in one town long enough for the dust to settle on his highballs. Refreshing his paint with each move, his skin is as thick as his smooth southern accent. He will be with us until the wind calls his name again, until then he says, “Bring on your smiles, good parties, and stories. Just leave your hatchets at home please.”

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