New Loot Monday: Meet Amos

Hello all you Loot lovers and Happy 4th of July!
Anna and I decided to take a few days to do some serious picking and thrifting and came up with a few car fulls of new loot to share with you to make your event super dreamy.
We were under the impression that if we hit Canton in the dead heat of the summer we would have better picking. Not so. The vendors started to pack up in the early afternoon and there was not a shopper in sight! We had allotted two days to attack the grounds of Canton, but we decided to change our agenda for the next day so we could maximize our picking experience. Boy, are we glad we did!
On day two we took on the yard sales, antique malls and thrift stores of DFW. What fun! That’s where we met the most handsome cart that we’d ever seen. Meet Amos.

We wanted Amos to join our family something awful. It took some convincing, because Amos is a proud, yet stubborn, old goat.  He shared his story of working the prairie for decades on end. When technology advanced and didn’t need the strength and stamina of Amos, he held his head high and took his brawn across the Atlantic to France where he sold goods at the farmer’s market. Sometimes he peddled flowers, sometimes he sold cheese. He loved his new life soaking up the rich culture, but always longed for the prairie. He came back to the states in hopes of reconnecting with his old buddies and the land. When he returned, he learned that all his friends had moved on to other lines of work in other areas. Toby moved to the museum to enjoy the air conditioned wonder while being marveled by the patrons. Thad joined the petting zoo family where he’s happy to offer rides on his back to four-year-olds in a hay ride. Work was hard to find for Amos, so he took up a part time gig at an antique mall displaying scented candles and bedazzled dog beds. That’s when we met. We offered him a full time position with benefits including regular dusting and WD40 treatments. His job duties include serving as a display table for cakes, desserts, buffet items, or decorative pieces. He can also sit nicely in the backdrop of your outdoor event or take the forefront. Amos stands 33″ tall and roughly 4′ x 5′ around. He takes direction well and will not slump or fatique when your party lasts into the wee hours of the morning.
We’re happy to have Amos join our team and are excited to see how he might serve you!
Have a happy 4th all, and stay safe!
Lootfully Yours,
Rhoda, Anna, and Amos

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