New Loot Monday: Meet Coraline

Coraline Vanity

Meet Coraline. She hails from The Big Easy where she spent her days basking on front porches drinking her coffee and chicory while snacking on warm beignets from Cafe Du Monde. You would often catch her sitting with her nose stuck between the pages of her latest harlequin romance novel as she carelessly dribbled powdered sugar all over her lap. She had also been known to indulge in derbies on Bourbon Street, where rumors say she “lost her knob.” She was quite popular as people would always be drawn to the way her green paint shined through her chippy exterior like the warm sun peeks through the cypress of the bayou.
Now you will find her gracing us with her presence in our studio. Although she enjoys the quiet life, she is often ready for a party and she will always tell you how beautiful you look.
Rhoda and Anna

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