New Loot Monday: Meet Evelyn

Known for her petite stature, Evelyn is a sweet and bright accompaniment to spring lounge seating vignettes. In her former career, she used to spend her days serving customers in the tea house. You could find her nearly everyday at tea time slinging teas left and right to parched customers needing a pick-me-up. Her lovely appearance alone often was all patrons needed to lift them out of the mid-day slump. She loved her work.
Evelyn’s petiteness began to wane when the tea house introduced their new line of gourmet cupcakes. She would always sample the goods sometimes going into hiding to get a second tasting. Once she tipped the scale, she decided to join the new Jenny Craig program after seeing her favorite 70s-80s actress, Valerie Bertinelli, succeed. Cupcakes were not on the menu. She lost her extra pounds to regain her youthfulness and decided to quit the tea shop to save herself from the tasty treats.
Evelyn is one of Loot’s newest family members and is excited to unleash her charm in your event decor. She can still host a perfect tea party or provide a little glow in your evening event. Please contact us for more details about Evelyn, but please keep the cupcakes away. She’s still a sucker for sweets.

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