New Loot Monday: Meet Penelope

She’s been with us for a while.  She actually hangs with us in the showroom and shares awesome ideas, stories…and recipes. Penelope. The lovely ivory brocade sofa with white washed wood trim. What a beauty! And she’s so down-to-earth, too. Let’s just say, she’s unassuming.

By day, she’s the girl-next-door greeting you outside as she waters the lawn and keeps an immaculate herb garden. She’s always careful to wear gloves while pruning the roses so not to blemish her perfect manicure. At night, after the neighborhood potluck that she attended alongside her perfect pineapple upside down cake (she still has yet to share that recipe), she unleashes a little more glow factor as she readies for the night to meet up with her European beau, Sergio. These two are fixtures in the elite social scene and have been known to party with A-listers such as Aniston and Clooney (whom she was linked to at one time). Who wouldn’t want to be seen with this fine lady amidst her sparkling charm. Well into the wee hours of the morning, she keeps the party going. No, she is the party.
Once the sun rears its bright head, Penelope creeps back to her bungalow, washes her face with Ponds, slips on her silky eye mask, and falls into a deep slumber only to meet the late morning with another cup of joe alongside Margaret, the neighbor.
Sweet by day, glam by night. That is how she keeps her youthfulness and that is why we love her so. Penelope is ready to grace your event with her style, glitz and charm. And that sweet smell? That’s just another pineapple upside down cake in the oven getting ready for the next neighborhood potluck. Penelope: She’s always got something cooking!

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