New Loot Monday: Meet the Genevieve Sisters

Genevieve Boudoir Chairs

You might recognize these two from their prestigious salon product line, “Xanadoo!” Their most popular product, “Permanent Situation” not only gave fabulous curls a cherry scent, but also gave frosty highlights at the same time. During their salon supremacy, they toured the country teaching their styling secrets to the likes of Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell. At that point they opted to retire to the Florida Keys where they started their very own lime orchard and became obsessed with all things green. They even went as far as to change their quaff to a yummy sage green and decided to get out in the public eye by serving as Loot’s first vintage set of green velvet chairs! These petite beauties will pamper you with their cozy cushions and bring out the green lover in you.
Anna and Rhoda

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