New Loot Monday: Meet the Mazzzy Twins

Mazzzy Twins covered in vintage style mattress ticking to provide extra comfort and style

The Mazzzy Twins. Boy, what a life these two have led. They began in the Charleston Ballet dancing with the company until they were fired for continually falling asleep at the barre during practice. Little did the director know that they were moonlighting as burlesque girls to make extra cash to send back home. They enjoyed entertaining in the cabaret absorbing the laughter and admiration of the crowds. When burlesque changed to stand for something more risque, they opted to retire from the scene and joined the USO. Since entertaining was second nature to them, the USO was a natural progression as they were able to travel all over the world working larger stages and connecting to thousands of troops. Not soon after they landed in Korea for one of their now famous shows did telegram arrive from Charleston informing the twins that their mother had taken ill. Being the loyal ones that they are, they hung up their taps to tend to their mother. Today, long since their nursing days are over, they are happy to take up with the Loot girls and provide beauty in lounge seating, and storytelling to those just wanting to relax and take it all in.

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