New Loot Monday: The Kelly Sisters

Hello, again! Welcome to another New Loot Monday from the land of Loot!

The Kelly Sisters: Known for their beauty, brains, and fantastic light grey velvet cushions.

We are delighted to introduce you to the Kelly Sisters. In their earlier days, they were easily recognized on the beauty pageant circuit as the bubbly, energetic, and super talented twins that took many honors. Miss Firecracker Texas, Miss Star Quality, Miss Webb County, and Miss Watermelon Patch, Texas are some of the crowns they held in their prime. Besides their glowing beauty and sparkling smile, they also received standing ovations each and every time they performed their talent, dueling ukeleles. They loved to do medleys of popular classics and adult contemporary tunes were always a favorite among the judges, especially anything by Journey. These two were not classically trained on the ukes, in fact, nobody knew that they followed color coded chords on their sheet music. That’s when tragedy on the pageant scene struck. The sisters had a secret of which they were ashamed: they were color blind (hence being named after what they imagined was the hue of their cushions). During one of their performances,they started strumming the wrong chords due to their inability to correctly read the colors. Before everyone knew it, the sisters completely botched their performance and ran from the stage in tears. From that day forward, they have made it their crusade to educate the public on color vision deficiency. We at Loot met them at one of their events to raise money for the research of color blindness and were immediately struck by their star presence. They today take the stage in Loot performances in their spare time. They are sure to please. Just whatever you do, please don’t ask them “What color is this?” That’s considered rude.
Until next time we are Lootfully yours,
Rhoda and Anna

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