Our Newest Looter and Aspiring Leg Wrestler, Loren.


We are so excited to introduce our newest Loot gal, Loren Goldberg. We snatched up Loren after meeting her as the planner for an upcoming wedding we’re styling. We knew right away that she was the perfect match for our little team and we’re so looking forward to all the new and exciting offerings and projects Loot has up its sleeve now that Loren’s on board.
Our little Austin native is a lover of color and all things vintage and crafty. DIY is her thing and gosh darn it, we love her for it.
Here’s a little taste of her pinterest loves that you can find on her board.


If not to talk about all things Loot, Loren is always on hand to share her favorite spots around Austin.  When she’s not holding down the fort, you might find her at Polvos, Maya Star, Lucy in Disguise, uncommon objects, Emma Long Park, Ski Shores Restaurant, Auditorium Shore, Beehive, La Garage Sale, C-Jane, or one of the many bodies of water in the area. 

Other things you need to know about Loren: She has dressed as Mary Poppins, Spike Lee, Hulkmania, Patty Mayonnaise, and a cupcake. Also, she’s a mean leg wrester. You might think twice before crossing her.
Give is a call and ask for Loren! She’ll be your BFF before you know it.
Lootfully Yours,
Our growing Loot Team!

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