Rhoda, co-owner and vintage junkie

Hello all and welcome to Loot Vintage Rentals!
Before we start posting awesome information about providing excellent rentals and our ever growing inventory, we wanted to share a little about ourselves.
I am Rhoda, co-owner of Loot. My background? To sum it up in Wheel of Fortune bio style: I am a happily married mother of two. My hobbies include spending time with family, vintage kit crafting, and THRIFTING. And who do I have cheering me on in the audience? My husband of nine years, Matthew. (insipid applause)
I guess my love of all things vintage began around high school, nearly 20 years ago. I have always enjoyed the look of fads from years gone by…partly for style, partly for laughs. I have become an expert in the art of finding vintage bargains and the aroma of antique finds. Ahhhh…grandma’s house.
I went to college and graduate school to focus on my love of popular culture and how people think. Some might think its a little removed from my current role as business owner of a vintage rental shop, but to me, it fits in quite nicely, thank you very much.
I cut my teeth in the 9 to 5 world doing ad/PR, journalism, HR, and academia before moving into the domestic engineer role of wife, mom, and homemaker. All the while, I held fast to my fascination with vintage, thrift stores, antique malls, and yard sales. I was so entranced by the subculture of yard and estate sales, I often spent my spare daydream time drumming up a script all about the personalities found at yard sales and the pursuit for the ultimate bargain.
When my business partner, Anna, started planning for her wedding,  my love of thrift shopping was put to work big time. We spent months trolling the state of Texas for all the decorations, tableware, dishes, linens, etc. to fulfill her wedding dream.  After months of searching, cleaning, more searching, storing, ironing, cleaning, and searching, we finally obtained all the items to make her wedding and reception complete. While the work was fun, I must admit, it was very time consuming. A business concept was born.
We want to provide our clients the ease of finding all the antiques and vintage accents in one shop with the convenience of rental. That way, at the end of the affair, the client does not need to hassle with the storage, cleaning, or recycling of the items. Just return them for another to use! Simple! And so eco-friendly…agreed?
We are open and ready for your business. If you have needs that are not currently in our repertoire, I dare you to give us the task of finding it. Chances are, you just stumbled upon one business that can make your vintage vision an easy reality to achieve.
So, that’s me. Thrift store junkie. Yard sale fanatic. Antique mall dreamer. Junk yard enthusiast. People pleaser.
Anna? Your turn!

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