A Letter From Our Creative Director

Anna Crelia // Photo by Lana Del Mar

In Spring, we linger a little longer. The earth is warm and brimming with new life, we can’t help but ground ourselves in it. The blades of grass feel softer, the soil is wetter, the air feels fresher. The beauty of it all is very attractive, leading us out into nature to slow down, breathe in and breathe out, and re-connect with her energy. And just as the earth is brimming with new life, so are we – our minds become more creative. We dream. We wonder. We are awakened. 

This season we are inspired by the concept, “Spring Awakening.”  The facets of nature that cause wonderment and awe — which are also very prevalent in our new Spring vibe, from their color to their symbolism — are golden hour, soil, natural hemp, wildflower, and touch.

We invite you, our fellow Looter, to immerse yourself in nature this season. Bust out the picnic blanket, lay in the grass, indulge in a bottle of natural wine, and gaze up at the clouds. Tune into our Spring Awakening playlist, linked below to be immersed in the vibe.

Golden Hour

We are inspired by the sun and the warmth it casts right before it sets, basking everything it touches in a golden hue. We live for these moments and the beauty that transpires from them. 


What once was cold and lifeless is now warm and brimming with new life. We allow the earth to touch our bare feet, our bodies if we let it, and we ground ourselves in its energy. The soil is life.

Natural Hemp

It is truly amazing how such a beautiful textile can come from dried stalks, very similar to the wheat fields we were so inspired by for this season. When the fibers are woven together, they work to create a durable, yet soft piece of material. The natural cream color that is derived from the stalks is surprisingly beautiful. The natural hemp rugs in our collection provide the backdrop of our inspiration.


These unintentionally planted seeds of beauty provide a welcome surprise in the Spring — A pop of color amongst the neutral landscape. Shades of pink and purple bring joy in this season as we are reminded of new beginnings.


The layering of different textural elements — from fabric to wood — remains a constant inspiration. The juxtaposition of a soft bouclé fabric next to a sculptural wood form excites the senses and engages the mind. This season we are inspired by fleece and boucle for their comforting touch, but welcome the contrast of course hemp rugs and pillows. Smooth wooden surfaces that show their grain provide a modern, yet natural element this season. We are continually drawn to natural reeded elements such as bamboo lanterns and jute stools. However, this season we are inspired by mixing these elements with sleek, modern shapes and forms like our metal Saarinen Bar Tables and Bertoia Chairs. Plaster-like finishes, such as our Turkish pottery and Papier Maché bowls infuse earthiness into our inspiration, and ground the collection. Overall, this season is inspired by sultry finishes and shapes, rounded edges and comforting details intentionally curated to inspire a visceral reaction.

Our Spring Playlist

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