The Finer Guide To Tailgating This Fall

We’re heading into winter but that doesn’t mean football season is over! Texans are flocking outdoors to enjoy temps that don’t turn into sunburns. One of our favorite cool weather pastimes is dropping down a tailgate and enjoying the company of our favorite people. Whether that be in the parking lot of Darrel K Royal Stadium or your favorite tree lined hideaway.

While we’re all about cheering on the Longhorns, you’re more likely to find us parked at our
favorite shaded spot in the country. You might have noticed we’re suckers for a charcuterie board.
We grab all our local favorites at Central Market, from green tomatoes to spicy raspberry jam. We’re
not afraid to experiment with flavors. Try adding in lots of color and unexpected combos to find
the perfect bite.

If you’re anything like us, a tailgate simply wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing bottle
of your favorite elixir. We went for Honey Thief – a crisp cider to pair with our abundance
of cheese & bread. Our Phases Cups make a great host for your chosen bevvy. Show off your
spread on our Slate Cheese Boards.

When your truck and your stomach get a little full – sit back and relax in our Ginger Chairs. They have
an adjustable back for maximum comfort! They also make the perfect companion for days at Barton
Springs when things heat back up.

In the mean time, enjoy the crisp weather in our French Workwear. Andrea is showcasing our
vintage overalls that she snagged from the shop. Melissa is rocking a Texas Tuxedo is our 50s
French workwear jacket. We love layering it with a solid tee and bandana!

Something catch your eye? Click here to check out all the pieces available in our Finer Goods Shop!

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