What is “The Loot Process”?

Here at Loot we understand planning any type of an event can be stressful and very overwhelming. We try to ease your mind by walking you step-by-step through every little detail, creating a user-friendly experience on our website and creating and calming atmosphere as soon as you walk into our our showroom. Take a deep breath and relax. We have your back!

Ok, are you wondering how to even start this “Loot Process” we are talking about? We are here to give you the low down. First, get inspired! We have a bunch of ways to get your creative juices flowing. You can peruse our portfolio “page”, digitally flip through our lookbooks, take a quiz to figure out your personal design vibe, see our Loot in action via print and online press features, get behind-the-Loot details and more via the blog, and dive into our social media. You’ll realize quickly…the possibilities are endless.

Once you feel that flutter in your tummy, it’s time to browse our rentals on our site. All of our rentals can be accessed by category or vibe, or look specifically through our one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. No matter what you’re celebrating, you have the key to our full collection of thousands of vintage and new furnishings and décor items. You see something you like? Create a wishlist! Yep, it’s just like loading up that online shopping cart, but you’re building your dream event. Choose the items that spark joy in your design-loving heart individually, or see if one of our already-put-together styled lounges strike your fancy. Once you submit your wishlist, you’ll be contacted by one of our rental experts within one business day with a proposal to get your order started. Our sales folks are the perfect combination of gracious, knowledgeable, and responsive, and all possess that going-the-extra-mile dedication. Trust us, you’ll love working with them.

What if you need a little guidance? We already told you that we have your back, right? Just shoot us a message at [email protected], and our sales folks will make an appointment for you to come in and enjoy our Loot experience. Here at Loot we take pride in hosting, not only in events, but when our clients walk through our doors. Once you step foot into our space you smell a subtle scent of Palo Santo sticks burning, the calming tunes playing in the corner and at that point in time you feel like you need to take in that deep breath. Our rental experts will offer you a refreshment, sparking water, tea, whatever you choose. Then you will take a sit on one of comfy lounges and proceed in telling us what you need. We will take notes, learn your vision and dedicate ourselves in helping bring your vision to life.

Yay! We did it! We finalized and reserved your event rentals for your big day. What does that mean? You can relax and we will take over from here. You’ll likely have a plate full of things to fuss over, but this won’t be one of them. Our friendly and professional crew will deliver and install your items at your event. They will be there until you say it’s absolutely perfect! Is this goodbye? Nope, after a memorable event that your guests rave about as they leave, our delivery crew will return to gather up the items, and carefully return them home to our warehouse to be cleaned up and primed for their next starring role.

What do you think about the Loot Process? Pretty simple right? We hope you enjoy this Loot Process Low-Down and don’t be a stranger! Once you’re a Looter, you’re a Looter for life. We’re always here for your next event – as big as a wedding, or as intimate as a Thanksgiving dinner. Any memory of yours we can be a part of, it is an honor.

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