How to set your holiday table the Loot way

If you haven’t noticed already, we LOVE to entertain! We can’t get enough of creating different types of design spaces for our friends + family. We like to showcase that “Loot way” everywhere we go! When it comes to entertaining, your tablescape is one of the most important focal points for your guests. It is one of the first things they see once they walk into your doors and probably the last place they will be at. Your tabletop decor can be chic + modern or boho + relaxed, while showing off your table in the “Loot way”.

What is the “Loot way”?

We always try to add that personal touch on your table top and what better is something handmade? Your guests will feel extra special and notice that one of a kind painted runner that they have never seen before. Raise your hand if you couldn’t find that certain look you wanted for your Thanksgiving table runner. Some words of advice – Just go to your local craft store, buy a yard of fabric, some paint, a brush and be creative! In the past, we have also used loose fabric repurposed into a bread bowl linen and napkins – the possibilities are pretty much endless. One more Loot touch is handwritten place cards. So simple, yet so thoughtful.

Next up, cozy textures. The mixture of different types of textures gives us butterflies, we aren’t joking! We love to make our guests feel like they are so comfortable that they forget that they are not in their own home. Our sheepskin rugs + pillows offer that warmth to the table. Throw a few on your seats for a design element + intentional item that will actually be used if your guests get chilly.

Oh lighting, you never let us down. Lighting is the icing on the cake for our tablescapes and it is a must! That subtle glow makes everyone a little more relaxed and ready to unwind. Lately, we are all about our Delaney Glass Candlesticks paired with tapered candle sticks in unique shapes and colors.

Lastly, enjoy + cheers to you and your guests!

Photography: Randi Reding | Tabletop Rentals: Table Manners | Florals: Loam Studio

ACL 2022 Platinum Lounge

We get really exited each year when Austin City Limits Festival releases their annual musical lineup. But, we get extra giddy when we have the privilege to showcase some of our rentals. This year Kailee Roberts Design reached out to us to see if we wanted to collaborate with her for the American Express Platinum Lounge. Of course, we jumped on the opportunity! Here at Loot, we really enjoy being around our fellow creatives and bounce ideas off of each other. Once we got the vibe from the vendor team, we knew that our new Antwerp Sectionals had to be featured! Kailee Roberts Design brought in a variety of fun ceramics pots paired with Thriving Botanicals stunning plants and Gypsy Floral magic on our tabletops. ACL’s guests grabbed a drink at the neon sign filled bar, lounged and listened to amazing music, not too shabby right? Our little community of talented vendors always brings their A game and we feel blessed to be right next to them.

Planning + Design: Kailee Roberts Design | Photography: Jenna McElroy | Table Top Decor: Gypsy Floral | Furniture Rentals: Loot Rentals | Plant Rentals: Thriving Botanicals | Planters: Concretti | Table Top Rentals: Bee Lavish | Neon Sign: Kings of Neon | Lighting: Austin Event Lighting | Custom Installs + Fabrication: Strong Events | Draping: UDE | Indoor + Outdoor Pillows: Crate and Barrel + West Elm

What is “The Loot Process”?

Here at Loot we understand planning any type of an event can be stressful and very overwhelming. We try to ease your mind by walking you step-by-step through every little detail, creating a user-friendly experience on our website and creating and calming atmosphere as soon as you walk into our our showroom. Take a deep breath and relax. We have your back!

Ok, are you wondering how to even start this “Loot Process” we are talking about? We are here to give you the low down. First, get inspired! We have a bunch of ways to get your creative juices flowing. You can peruse our portfolio “page”, digitally flip through our lookbooks, take a quiz to figure out your personal design vibe, see our Loot in action via print and online press features, get behind-the-Loot details and more via the blog, and dive into our social media. You’ll realize quickly…the possibilities are endless.

Once you feel that flutter in your tummy, it’s time to browse our rentals on our site. All of our rentals can be accessed by category or vibe, or look specifically through our one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. No matter what you’re celebrating, you have the key to our full collection of thousands of vintage and new furnishings and décor items. You see something you like? Create a wishlist! Yep, it’s just like loading up that online shopping cart, but you’re building your dream event. Choose the items that spark joy in your design-loving heart individually, or see if one of our already-put-together styled lounges strike your fancy. Once you submit your wishlist, you’ll be contacted by one of our rental experts within one business day with a proposal to get your order started. Our sales folks are the perfect combination of gracious, knowledgeable, and responsive, and all possess that going-the-extra-mile dedication. Trust us, you’ll love working with them.

What if you need a little guidance? We already told you that we have your back, right? Just shoot us a message at [email protected], and our sales folks will make an appointment for you to come in and enjoy our Loot experience. Here at Loot we take pride in hosting, not only in events, but when our clients walk through our doors. Once you step foot into our space you smell a subtle scent of Palo Santo sticks burning, the calming tunes playing in the corner and at that point in time you feel like you need to take in that deep breath. Our rental experts will offer you a refreshment, sparking water, tea, whatever you choose. Then you will take a sit on one of comfy lounges and proceed in telling us what you need. We will take notes, learn your vision and dedicate ourselves in helping bring your vision to life.

Yay! We did it! We finalized and reserved your event rentals for your big day. What does that mean? You can relax and we will take over from here. You’ll likely have a plate full of things to fuss over, but this won’t be one of them. Our friendly and professional crew will deliver and install your items at your event. They will be there until you say it’s absolutely perfect! Is this goodbye? Nope, after a memorable event that your guests rave about as they leave, our delivery crew will return to gather up the items, and carefully return them home to our warehouse to be cleaned up and primed for their next starring role.

What do you think about the Loot Process? Pretty simple right? We hope you enjoy this Loot Process Low-Down and don’t be a stranger! Once you’re a Looter, you’re a Looter for life. We’re always here for your next event – as big as a wedding, or as intimate as a Thanksgiving dinner. Any memory of yours we can be a part of, it is an honor.

This Corporate Event Is Giving All The Funky Summer Vibes

Before you take your first sip of a Pumpkin Spiced Latte this year, we wanted to hang on a little bit longer to Summer with this groovy Corporate Event. From neon animals, jumpy houses, comfy lounges to a yurt village, this event was definitely one for the books! Oh, and did we mention there was a surprise musical guest that added some Heat Waves that didn’t fake anyone out? Turn up Alexa and grab a fruity drink, while you scroll through this funky summer bash.  

Back to back lounge areas paired with our Erykah Sofas + Cameron Chairs looks swell.

Relaxing to the max with our Hank Cubes and Judd Cubes.

Letter from the CEO — August 2022

Events are not as plentiful in these Texas summers because of the heat. And that works for us because it allows us to slow down, take a breath, and plan for the next uptick in the fall. Our employees enjoy more time with their families, we get a little more time for team building activities internally, and we revive our inventory while reviewing what we accomplished in the first half of the year. 

In our reflection, we look back with pride. We completed a record number of events, surpassed our annual goals, doubled our staff, plus added new babies to the mix! We’re honored to be recognized by our peers with award nominations, and ecstatic to win Best of Rentals in D Magazine for the second year in a row. We love you too, Dallas!

With this new growth came the need for some improvements in many areas to add more efficiencies to our processes and better serve you, our customers. We are currently implementing new softwares to allow our business to run more smoothly. We are continuing to hire new staff in both locations and provide leadership training and opportunities for our employees. We are also excitedly requesting more feedback and receiving responses for how we can improve from our customers. Thank you so much for all your input!

Our inventory attended lots of parties which means we needed to use this down time to primp and prep them back into party shape for the next uptick in the fall when we know the parties will be hopping! Our amazing logistics and fulfillment teams are sweating to their favorite tunes in the warehouse while applying touch up paint and tightening screws. We are also offloading tons of amazing inventory to make room for our newbies that are coming in daily. Be on the lookout for information about our upcoming warehouse sale in Austin where we love to give you a chance to own some gently loved Loot for yourself and keep those babies out of the landfill.

Summer is a great time for us to remember why we do what we do. We all get scattered about this globe to gain new experiences and love on those folks we don’t get as many opportunities to love on when life gets more busy. Yet whether we’re all squeezing into a beautiful venue in downtown Austin or traveling across the world to meet up with friends in family, one thing remains constant — We all engage in these activities because we love to connect. With the world and with each other. 

That’s why we’re here at Loot. To help enhance those connections through our great inventory and design. And we’re excited to keep doing it with you come the fall. So get in your orders soon because inventory is limited, but excitement is high! When the temps get less ornery and more reasonable, we’re looking forward to serving you with our new sparkly pieces. Until then, stay cool and stay connected. 



Free Love 2022 — 10 Free Weddings Across Texas

Oh, Free Love, how we love you so! This year, we gave 10 couples free weddings on Valentine’s Day in Austin and Fort Worth. We completely transformed our showrooms to become a ceremony + reception area with the help of some amazing vendors. This year was extra special, as it was our first year to give back to couples in DFW.

Free Love is truly a labor of love. We spend months planning and preparing for this day. It’s one of our favorite events of the entire year because we get to focus on the things we care about most — LOVE + HUMAN CONNECTION.

Austin Free Love

We couldn’t have pulled off these 4 free weddings without the help of some amazing vendors who donated their time + services. For day-of coordination, Simply XO Events was there to make sure the day went smoothly and we stayed on schedule. When you’re hosting a day of free weddings, it’s important to stay on track to make sure each couple gets their full experience. The stunning floral was designed by Truth & Blooms. This floral really popped against our white showroom and fluted stage. Photography was by the amazing Feather and Twine, who have been a part of Free Love for a few years! The officiant, Kye Flans, has also been a huge part of Free Love since the beginning. Music was provided by Premier, cakes by Michelle’s Patisserie, and catering by Contigo. Vogue Vignette was also there doing live drawings of our couples, giving them a piece of art to cherish forever.

DFW Free Love

It was our very first year to host Free Love in Fort Worth, and it was a huge success thanks to our vendors! Our amazing day-of coordinator, So Golden, was in charge of keeping the 6 couples on-schedule. She made sure everyone was happy and was such a joyful spirit to have there on the day. The stunning floral was created by Hannah Willis Creative. Seriously, we are still dreaming about those red roses. Photography was by Sara Boyd, one of our favorite gals to work with! Joined by Jasmyn specially crafted each ceremony, making sure the couples’ had a special and unique ceremony. Our friends at Pop Up Bar created a drink that was funky, delicious, and super pretty to look at — “Heart Beets 4 U.” Bubbles & Brew  kept our couples hydrated with champs on tap. A special violinist from North TX Music Company played some magical music as the couples walked down the aisle. Mini, individual cakes for each couple were provided by  Loft 22 Cakes  + delicious custom-made macarons by WE THE BIRDS. Lastly, our friends at  The Tamale Company brought their tamale cart and served the most delicious tamales we’ve ever eaten!

Pride 2022 — We believe in Love.

We believe in love. Love is powerful. It transcends hate and has healing power. Love does not discriminate. That is why we stand in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. There is so much work to be done in our industry to ensure intersectional equality and justice for all, but in honor of gay pride, we choose to celebrate the strides the community has taken in recent decades, including the legalization of gay marriage in 2015.

Inclusivity is one of our core beliefs, which is why we believe no one should be ostracized or discriminated against, especially for the things they cannot change. We aim to be a safe resource for those that feel judged for choosing to marry whomever they want, whether that be someone of the same sex, or not. Love is love.

We find beauty in love, no matter how it looks. Cheers (clink clink) to how far we’ve come since we started in 2011 and to the strides we continue to make in the events industry in showing acceptance for all.

We put together this rainbow shoot to show our support for the LGBTQIA+ community. The pride flag colors each hold a different meaning, and each color represents an important value of the LGBTQIA+ community. Read below for what each color represents!


The red in the flag represents life. This makes sense if you think about how blood is red and how often blood is thought of as a vital life force of the body. Red also represents passion among many cultures. And, passion is ideally where life originates from.


Orange represents healing. As a color, orange is believed to be a fun and celebratory color. Fun and celebration are both healing activities.


Yellow represents sunlight. The color yellow functions as the flag’s radiant and bright center. The color yellow is said to stimulate new ideas and thoughts.


There’s a lot of green in nature, which is what this color on the original pride flag is meant to convey. Nature is a healing place, and the color green is associated with prosperity and growth.


The blue in the original pride flag was for serenity. Little is more important than the ability to feel calm and serene. Blue is known as a relaxing color that soothes the soul. The color blue is often used for nighttime consumer products to represent bedtime and calmness.


The last color, purple, represents spirit. Purple is often thought of as a regal, royal color that, on its own, denotes pride. Like blue, purple is considered a calming color, but rather than being associated only with calm, the color purple connects us to the spiritual realm.

Planners Day Out 2022

Photos by Randi Reding.

This May, we hosted 60 event planners in the Austin area to a day full of rest and relaxation at our Austin HQ. We feel that it is so important to give back to our community, especially to the ones who have supported our business over the years! The day was full of pampering services, health positive activities, and education to help alleviate stress during the busy season. The day wouldn’t have been made possible if it weren’t for our amazing sponsors + vendors that joined us in providing the most relaxing day ever. See below to get a breakdown of the three areas we focused on for this event — Mind, Body, and Soul.


Guests learned from our professional Enneagram coach, Beyond Your Type, on how to live a more balanced and sustainable life through knowing their inner self workings. You can learn more about Elle’s offerings + services here! They also worked the right side of their brain in our creative cyanotype workshop led by the ladies at Broad Studios. Then, they took home their handmade piece of art to further appreciate their creativity.


Their worries melted away while getting massaged by the heavenly hands of the expert massage therapists at Austin Massage Company. Then, guests soothed their tired hands or feet with a blissful manicure or pedicure by 10 Spot. They allowed their bodies to move to the beats by our friends at Dart Collective. And lastly, they nourished their bodies with delectable hors d’ouvres, sweet treats, cocktails and wellness drinks provided by our favorites at Contigo Catering.


Lastly, a gentle and restorative breathwork session by Ascend with Anna guided the planners through a meditative breathing exercise to draw out bad vibes. Additionally, the guests participated in a sound bath by Valerie Bachman to create balance and ease in subconscious mind, emotional, mental & physical body. Afterwards, our tarot card expert, Sound Sight Tarot, helped empower them to create their own future.

What The Planners Said

“Loot Team — I can’t thank you enough for one of the BEST afternoons I have had in a LONG time! From walking into the showroom & carrying into this week — I needed that clam rest. I’m so thankful to you!”

– Ashlee Voda

“Thank you x a million for hosting such a fabulous soiree on Monday. Alex and I had the most incredible experience – from start to finish. The “mind, body, soul” focus really hit home for me especially as I’ve been making all three of those things a more intentional focus in my life. I *loved* the breathwork and I’m in discussion with one of the gals at the event to do some “ancestral” energy healing work. Juliana and I are discussing details around taking a ceramics class with Jenny (the cyanotype artist!). Everything from both of our tarot card readings couldn’t be more spot on, and it’s a little bit weird! Also, my greek yogurt this morning tasted nothing like that coconut yogurt parfait from Contigo even tho I so desperately wanted it to haha. And the neck massage from my boyfriend also wasn’t nearly as intentional as the gal who worked wonders during my chair massage. Everything was a 10/10. The music, the food, the drinks, the people, the space (your space!!), the group sessions, the artwork, the pampering, the experiences. Thank you again for hosting such an incredibly fabulous event. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about it.. Other than I wish I would have gotten there earlier right when it started so I could have enjoyed it longer 🙂
PS. I’ve been burning my new incense during my nightly meditation/journal time and the gift was just so perfect for where I’m at in my journey.”

– Vanna Vanoss

More Details From The Day

ILEA Best Corporate Event 2021

Our DFW Grand Opening party won Best Corporate Event at this year’s Texas Star Awards! What better way to celebrate the award than giving you a whole run down on one of our favorite parties of the year.

Loot’s New Roots — DFW Grand Opening Party

How do you immerse your guests in an event experience to make them feel as though they just stepped back in time to a cool seventies Western warehouse party? We felt that the furniture and decor was paramount in lending way to this very specific vibe, so we brought in authentic seventies mod furniture (including a plush orange velvet sectional), tons of plants, vintage bars, and lots of western flair including vintage art, neon signage, cowhide rugs and tumbleweeds. We created large scale hand-embroidered wall hangings to add large focal points throughout the space, reminiscent of the ever-popular curved designs of the era. We were careful to counter-balance the seventies mod decor style with rustic elements such as traditional western Equipale furniture, woven jute chairs, vintage galvanized trash bins, and distressed wooden tables as the western cowboy culture of Fort Worth was extremely important to us to honor our new roots. 

Photography by Grant Daniels

We also wanted the guests attending to be entertained at every turn, all of their senses stimulated to create a long-lasting memory of the evening. From the moment the guests were greeted with warm smiling faces, they were asked to use their creativity to draw their best state of Texas and tape it to the wall inside the entry for a chance to win prizes from local Fort Worth businesses. The Nag Champa incense filled the air inside and out with a sweet earthy smell of sandalwood and patchouli, providing party-goers with a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity. Upon stepping foot into the outdoor space, a seventies VW bus converted into a bar from HD Liquid Catering offered patrons a refreshing champagne cocktail and a local favorite food truck, Magdalena’s served up authentic tacos and churros. At the entrance of building, a friendly longhorn bull named “Tex” awakened their senses as it stood regally with its horns spanning six feet wide. Tunes of live local musicians invited guests inside and familiar songs put smiles on their faces and pep in their step. As they entered the space, they were delighted to see a video projected on the wall, a piece of art in itself, capturing the spirit of the theme. They touched the handmade wall hangings and marveled at their textural beauty. The click-and-clack of a pre-war industrial sewing machine, pounding away in a corner piqued their curiosity and drew them further in to discover a display of custom designed bandanas which were free for the taking. Guests could then choose to have local artist, Daniel Wright from W Durable Goods chainstitch their name or short saying onto the corner if they desired, creating a personalized souvenir to remember the evening. As patrons continued to explore the space, they would discover two more bars, generously sponsored by HD Liquid Catering, each with its own flair – one serving different variations of a margarita and another serving a mean old fashioned. A live paella cooking demonstration by a local chef, courtesy of Magdalena’s took over a corner of the space and filled the air with excitement. Servers floated around the party, passing delicious bites, catered by Magdalena’s, such as gourmet chicken flautas and butternut squash empanadas. After a twirl and a two-step on the dance floor, peach cobbler from Uncle Willie’s Pies hit the spot and gave the feeling of true Texas hospitality.

At the end of the evening, Loot’s co-founders Anna and Rhoda threw darts at the comical drawings of Texas, which were hung up on the wall by the party-goers. Where the darts landed, the winners were chosen, each taking home a very coveted prize by our favorite local businesses. Our “Fort Worth Faves” included things like a one night stay at Hotel Drover, a handmade leather pouch from W Durable Goods, coffee from Race Street Coffee, a generous gift basket from Silver Star Spirits, bath and kitchen favorites from local lifestyle brand Winton & Waits and a huge tote bag from Morgan Mercantile filled to the brim with local Fort Worth merch. If guests weren’t so lucky to get their Texas darted, they still walked away winners with a thoughtful gift from yours truly – Palo Santo incense sticks and a custom made terracotta ashtray wrapped up in a pretty muslin bag, an ode to our signature scent. 

Challenges We Overcame

The custom tapestries were a DIY project with materials found at the local craft store. We needed something large scale that would make an impact in the large white warehouse space and decided to take things into our own hands after coming up short with ready-made options available. 

Live plants were a huge part of the design vision to bring in a relaxed seventies vibe. However, live plants were extremely expensive to purchase, so we used faux plants that we had available in our rental collection mixed in with just a few live plants to give a realistic look. Guests couldn’t tell the difference unless they actually got up close and felt the leaves. 

We needed lots of ambient light in the space to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the uplighting provided by DFW Parties, we installed tons of pendant lights and did the wiring ourselves with smart outlet plugs and tons of white extension cords, concealing them as best we could to maintain the light and airy atmosphere. We also painted hogwire fence panels white to blend into the ceiling and used that to hang clusters of lights. The metal hogwire grate held up all of the extension cords and power strip, which we were able to hide with large dried floral installations, courtesy of Kristen McCurdy.

Our space was also a challenging aspect. With 300 people expected to attend, we had to get creative with our 3,000 square foot showroom space to accommodate that many people. Luckily, our parking lot served as an amazing outdoor area where we were able to provide mixture of reclaimed wood walls, hedge walls and a large cabana to completely block off the street, create a luxurious entry for guests, and give the feeling of a completely private party environment for guests mingling outside. Guests commented that they felt they were entering an exclusive restaurant!

Video by Jordan Jeanty Studios

All and all, we had an absolute blast at our DFW Grand Opening and are so thankful for everyone who to came to support us. Lastly, it wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing sponsors who helped us bring this vision to life.

Space, Rentals + Design: Loot Rentals | @lootrentals 

Photos: Grant Daniels | @grantdaniels

Video: Jordan Jeanty | @jeantystudios

Florals: Kristen McCurdy | @kristenmccurdystudio

Drinks: HD Liquid Catering | @hdliquidcater

Food: Magdalena’s Catering | @magdalenastx

Cobbler: Uncle Willie’s Pies | @unclewilliespies

Stage Lighting + Sound + Video Projection: DJ Rod Baker | @djrodiii

Tunes: Hunter Cox | @huntergcox and Bubba Bellin | @bubbabellinmusic

Chainstitchin’: W Durable Goods | @wdurablegoods

Tex the Longhorn: Charlotte’s Texas Longhorns for Hire

A Letter From Our Creative Director

Anna Crelia // Photo by Lana Del Mar

In Spring, we linger a little longer. The earth is warm and brimming with new life, we can’t help but ground ourselves in it. The blades of grass feel softer, the soil is wetter, the air feels fresher. The beauty of it all is very attractive, leading us out into nature to slow down, breathe in and breathe out, and re-connect with her energy. And just as the earth is brimming with new life, so are we – our minds become more creative. We dream. We wonder. We are awakened. 

This season we are inspired by the concept, “Spring Awakening.”  The facets of nature that cause wonderment and awe — which are also very prevalent in our new Spring vibe, from their color to their symbolism — are golden hour, soil, natural hemp, wildflower, and touch.

We invite you, our fellow Looter, to immerse yourself in nature this season. Bust out the picnic blanket, lay in the grass, indulge in a bottle of natural wine, and gaze up at the clouds. Tune into our Spring Awakening playlist, linked below to be immersed in the vibe.

Golden Hour

We are inspired by the sun and the warmth it casts right before it sets, basking everything it touches in a golden hue. We live for these moments and the beauty that transpires from them. 


What once was cold and lifeless is now warm and brimming with new life. We allow the earth to touch our bare feet, our bodies if we let it, and we ground ourselves in its energy. The soil is life.

Natural Hemp

It is truly amazing how such a beautiful textile can come from dried stalks, very similar to the wheat fields we were so inspired by for this season. When the fibers are woven together, they work to create a durable, yet soft piece of material. The natural cream color that is derived from the stalks is surprisingly beautiful. The natural hemp rugs in our collection provide the backdrop of our inspiration.


These unintentionally planted seeds of beauty provide a welcome surprise in the Spring — A pop of color amongst the neutral landscape. Shades of pink and purple bring joy in this season as we are reminded of new beginnings.


The layering of different textural elements — from fabric to wood — remains a constant inspiration. The juxtaposition of a soft bouclé fabric next to a sculptural wood form excites the senses and engages the mind. This season we are inspired by fleece and boucle for their comforting touch, but welcome the contrast of course hemp rugs and pillows. Smooth wooden surfaces that show their grain provide a modern, yet natural element this season. We are continually drawn to natural reeded elements such as bamboo lanterns and jute stools. However, this season we are inspired by mixing these elements with sleek, modern shapes and forms like our metal Saarinen Bar Tables and Bertoia Chairs. Plaster-like finishes, such as our Turkish pottery and Papier Maché bowls infuse earthiness into our inspiration, and ground the collection. Overall, this season is inspired by sultry finishes and shapes, rounded edges and comforting details intentionally curated to inspire a visceral reaction.

Our Spring Playlist