Design We Love That’s Trending in ’22

In the same way that confetti, champagne, and new year’s resolutions are staples of the calendar flip from one year to the next, the design industry has its own tradition: gazing into its perfectly-styled crystal ball to predict what trends will rule in the next twelve months. From lists compiled by interior design magazines and blogs, to home renovation networks and paint companies, the best design minds from all over the industry come together to give their own two cents.    

“But, Loot,” you say. “You don’t seem like the kind of folks that would care about following the crowd. Or would do something just to be ‘trendy.’” Right you are. A Loot-designed space is unique, with its own vibe, and as individual as the story of the people or organization being celebrated. But, we’re also total design geeks. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what “experts” – especially those we really admire – are noticing and loving.  It’s that combination of down-to-earth, free-spirited originality with the best of modern design that sets the Loot Look apart from the rest. 

Curious as to what trends seemed to rise to the top, across the many lists we saw? 


1. Read our lips: Vintage is HUGE.

Whether you raid an antique mall, flea market, or your grandma’s attic, chances are, you’ll strike some piece of design gold. It’s not necessarily that what is old is new again…it’s that what’s old has intrinsic value in its own look, its own design, its own history. 

Not only that, but it points directly toward another trending priority of the day (and priority of Loot’s!): sustainability. Giving everything from furniture, to décor, to clothing, a new life through a new use, use by a different person, or a refreshed, upcycled look, means it’s one less thing in a landfill. It’s one more way to tell a story. One more way to honor the best of the past and bring it with us into the future. 

Mixing vintage and new is one of Loot’s collective superpowers…and so is finding those diamonds in the rough. Our rental collection features one-of-a-kind pieces that bring personality and style to spaces and events of any kind.

2. Biophilia (yes, it’s a word).

Kermit, you’re wrong. It IS easy being green…AND it’s totally in. Nearly every paint company that takes a stand on what the color of the year will be has put their money on some shade of green (pun intended)…emerald, sage, evergreen, olive, even avocado, you name it. It’s almost like the new neutral. 

This green heyday REALLY includes living greens themselves. Plants of all kinds, real or fake, full or sparse, in big pots, or in tabletop bowls…any way to bring the inside in is, well, in. Same with natural light…let that sun shine in as much as possible, and add to the calming, soothing effect that a space with nature at its heart can provide.

We were all about biophilia for our Ft. Worth showroom opening in July, and with our rentals, you can embrace your inner outdoorsy-ness, too.

3. We’ll give it to you straight. Curved lines are all the rage.

Let’s be honest. It’s kind of awesome when it feels like your chair is giving you a hug. Thanks to the movement away from harsher straight lines and edges (although they certainly have their place, too!), soothing and comforting curved pieces are stealing the show. And, it doesn’t stop at seating. Rounded, soft edges of bars and tables, even curves in fabric designs and patterns, in tile, in rugs, in arches…it’s a look that’s getting a lot of love these days. And, we’re all in.

4. Textured materials are giving us the feels.

The look of a piece of furniture, textile, or décor only tells part of its style story…it’s amazing how your sense of touch can take the experience of a space to the next level. Pillows can go from plain to luxurious, chairs from just comfy to cozy, tablescapes from basic to chic…all simply from the richly textured materials being used. Sherpa, velvet, boucle…they’re all among the “it” fabrics this year. And, we’ve got you covered.

5. You say dark, I say deep. You say moody, I say rich.

If subtle neutrals, flowing foilage, or light and airy aren’t your thing, you’re still in luck. From paint colors on walls and cabinets, to upholstery, rugs, and pillows, jewel tones are having a moment in the spotlight. What once may have been called “dark and moody” is now “deep and rich,” and it’s just darn hip and cool. And guess what? You can even – gasp! – mix blacks and dark tones together with browns and earthy hues. Not only is it okay, it’s “on trend.” 

P.S. Designers say that if you’re gonna splurge on this trend, you can’t go wrong with a statement sofa. 

So, are you feeling inspired?

Well, take it with a grain of salt. Maybe you’re running out to buy plants right now, darting towards the first estate sale you see, then coming home and snuggling up in your Sherpa blanket on your bright emerald boucle couch. OR NOT. The only design trend that truly matters is the one that speaks to YOU.

Can’t wait to see how you do you in ’22.

Calling All Lovers: Free Love 2022

It’s no secret that Loot loves love. In fact, it’s in our company roots. So, to us, there’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (AND our 11th Lootiversary in February!) than to give the ultimate gift of love to 14 couples across Texas: a FREE WEDDING OR VOW RENEWAL. (**See below for more details.)

On February 14th, seven couples in Austin and seven couples in Fort Worth will be welcomed throughout the day into our showrooms, which will be transformed into beautiful and unique Loot-designed ceremony and celebration spaces. Our lucky and in-love pairs will have their own dedicated time to exchange vows, and to enjoy a reception with a small group of family and friends.

So, we’re putting the call out to all Loot-lovers…click below to tell us about yourself and apply to be part of Free Love 2022. We would be honored to create a day for you that you and your loved ones will treasure. We can’t wait to meet you!

**Every year, in addition to the space, we provide everything from the officiant to the food, floral, music, and photography. The vendors that partner with us on the event provide their services free of charge, but couples also have the option to pay for a selection of additional services with those vendors, if they choose to do so. 

Each couple will have roughly 1.5 hours of time on-site at our venue. There will be some slight overlap between couples, but we have designed the event to where no one is in the same space at the same time, and have made sure there is enough of a time gap to sanitize each space in between parties.

Take a gander at Loot Free Loves of years past…can you picture yourself here? We can.

Just wait to see what we have in store for our couples this time around…

A Letter from our CEO

As Hillary Said, It Takes a Village 

Running a business is like raising kids. You have great aspirations for them and what they can achieve. I see them wearing this dress or outfit, I think they’ll enjoy this instrument or this sport, they’ll make great grades and enjoy a perfect friend group all with the goal of them becoming independent and productive members of society. But what really happens? They have different plans. They decide they don’t love sports after all, but love to dance Ballet Folklorico. They might not enjoy a sharp tucked in shirt, but rather a hoodie. All the mapping and planning for a free thinking child might not turn up the results you expected…but in the end they might be better.

When you map out a business, you also have great expectations to see your ideas come to life. We want to make an awesome work environment for employees to thrive within, we want collect the finest furnishings to rent to clients, we want all the events to run smoothly.

But sometimes, the business, like kids, has a mind of its own. Not all the events go as planned, not all the employees show up and sometimes like kids, the inventory comes home with a big food stain on the perfect upholstery. That’s not what we planned or expected.

But what makes good parents or business owners, I believe, is to be able to roll with the punches. Your son woke up today sick and now can’t attend school? The day of his big exam? A couch returned to us with a broken leg and now can’t attend the next event tomorrow? How do we pivot to make the best out of these situations? 

With parenting, making time for your kids, creating clear expectations, being able to listen and adjust and grow is part of what it takes to raise healthy humans. And with a business, the same is key.

So we’ve listened, we’ve pivoted, we’ve practiced grace when something didn’t go as planned. We learned and grew. We’re always growing… and sometimes the business wants to keep growing even when we’re not ready (does this ring true for any of you parents out there?)

Looking into the new year, we feel very optimistic having learned a lot in the past year and experienced a lot of humility (parenting or running a business can do that). We didn’t ignore the issues that came up but asked how can we do this better. How do we create a path of progress so these issues don’t come up again. The world has changed a little, how do we adjust to fit in it? 

For one, we have hired outstanding people to help us parent this baby, Loot. As Hillary said, it takes a village to raise good kids and a business is no different. We’re excited to bring in more people in the new year to nurture the inventory and goals of the business and help share the love to all our clients and friends. If we’re all working toward the same goal of providing excellent inventory and services to help you enhance connections among your clients, family and friends, then everyone is happy.

We’ve also improved our processes to eliminate issues that we’ve experienced in the past creating a stronger organization providing excellent product and services, and to help us stay the course rather than get lost in the shuffle. We will make damn sure that our inventory shows up to the party in its finest dress. With the best party hats. 

Lastly, we’re hoping by these little measures we will be able to take on more events than in years past. We have been so fortunate to receive so many inquiries from people wanting to invite our Loot to their parties, but there hasn’t been enough capacity for us to deliver with excellence. We know 2022 is already considered “the year of the wedding” and we are so looking forward to creating these love events with you! 

Raising a company is no easy task. Like raising kids, we’ve found it is the hardest job we’ll ever love. And it is worth it if that means we’re producing something that helps enhance connections with others and promotes a greater good. After all, isn’t the biggest goal as we send our kids out into the world the hope that they help make the world a better place? It’s no different for what we want at Loot. 

Happy New Year! Looking forward to making 2022 the best ever! 

Lootfully Yours,



Lookbook Options




Loot is Growing…

…and we’re looking for talented, dedicated, and fun people to join the Loot fam!

Our culture at Loot provides a welcome home for passionate and innovative free spirits. We are a warm, heartfelt, empathetic team of design geeks and process nerds, continually striving for the perfect balance of great design and even better service. No detail is too small to mind, and no occasion is too small to celebrate. (After all, that’s why we’re here!)

If any of these roles sound like they have YOU written all over it, and you’re looking for a fresh start with a cool company and great benefits, please send your resume to us at [email protected] We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Operations Manager (Austin)

Loot Rentals is hiring an Operations Manager for our Austin event-rental operation! This proven leader will head up our Operations and Fulfillment Department by directing warehouse and delivery crew for our very busy event-furniture business. The ideal candidate will bring leadership excellence, warehouse organization and delivery operations experience, problem-solving skills, creativity, love for teamwork and stellar customer service, and an awesome attitude that pumps up the team and exudes the Loot spirit.  We are seeking someone who has held this type of position previously in the industry, or outside the industry. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading the warehouse and delivery teams of 5-10 individuals
  • Outsourcing additional deliveries to trusted third-party vendors
  • Fleet management
  • Delivery/warehouse scheduling
  • Warehouse management and organization
  • Inventory management through our trusted software platform
  • Customer service
  • Management of repairs
  • Facility management
  • Other duties as assigned

Inventory Coordinator (Austin)

Loot Rentals is hiring an Inventory Coordinator for our Austin headquarters! This position will be the right-hand (wo)man to our Operations Manager, making sure Loot’s expansive inventory of vintage and modern pieces is in tip-top condition and rent-ready. (Our inventory includes upholstered seating, dining tables and chairs, rugs, bars, coffee and side tables, and everything in between.) The person in this position will be responsible for the physical condition of each piece, making sure it’s in pristine condition and photo-ready before each event.

Responsibilities include:

  • Cleaning and prepping furniture rental items before delivery
  • Overseeing the staging and loading of Loot’s client orders, ensuring all items are perfectly rent-ready, and that every item is accounted for before it leaves for the event
  • Check-in of all rental items upon delivery return to maintain accurate quantities
  • Assigning inventory for cleaning and repair upon return from rental
  • Regular maintenance and inventory checks to keep items in great condition
  • Managing inventory counts and availability within Goodshuffle, our inventory software
  • Organizing and managing a twice-yearly full inventory audit, assigning tasks to all Loot team members

Must have:

  • Incredible attention to detail (this cannot be overstated!)
  • Over-the-top organization skills
  • Knowledge of furniture care and restoration a plus
  • Strong computer skills

**This is a full-time, hourly, non-exempt position starting at $19/hr. Some weekend work during busy season is necessary to keep the ship running smoothly.

Warehouse Assistant (Fort Worth)

Loot Rentals is hiring a Warehouse Assistant for our Fort Worth location! This detail-oriented individual will support the fulfillment portion of our rental operation: assisting with the prepping of inventory for client orders, loading and unloading trucks, and making client deliveries to event venues and private residences under the leadership of our Operations Manager. The ideal candidate will bring energy, a great attitude, and problem-solving skills to Loot’s Fort Worth warehouse. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with the delivery of furniture rentals (including sofas, large shelves, tables, rugs, chairs, and plants) to various event venues and private residences 
  • Tasks relating to order execution and delivery, including cleaning and prepping rentals to load; loading rental items into box trucks; securing items inside box truck; and unloading rental items on location (**some locations require carrying items up stairs or into and elevator)
  • Interacting with an event planner or contact on-site, using professional behavior and customer service
  • Attention to detail is very important to avoid causing damage to rental items in transport, or loading in or out of truck
  • Hours include mornings and evenings on weekends, sometimes starting as early as 7:00am, or as late as 1:00am

**This is a full-time hourly, non-exempt position, with pay $15-17/hour.

Intern (Austin)

Loot Rentals is hiring fall interns for our Austin rental operation! The ideal candidate will bring creativity, love for great design, an awesome attitude, and problem-solving skills. This is a part-time, hourly position with some weekend work required.

These energetic self-starters will support the sales team by:

  • Assisting with front-of-house duties such as answering phones and fielding our many inquiries, while providing excellent customer service
  • Maintaining and helping design our ever-changing showroom
  • Assisting with craft projects, and
  • Helping create content for our social media and marketing efforts
  • Other duties as assigned

Part-Time Delivery & Warehouse Crew (Austin & Fort Worth)

Loot Rentals is hiring part time warehouse and delivery crew members for our event rental operation! These heavy lifters will support the fulfillment portion of our business: assisting with the prepping of inventory for client orders, loading and unloading trucks, and making client deliveries to event venues and private residences. The ideal candidates will bring upbeat energy, a great attitude, and problem solving skills to Loot’s Austin and Fort Worth warehouses. We are looking to fill part time hourly positions with primarily night and weekend shifts.

***$100 signing bonus offered after successful completion of FIVE shifts (no call outs, late arrivals, or no shows)***

Responsibilities include:

  • Prepping rentals to go out on delivery by cleaning, wrapping and packing securely to ensure safe transport. (Rentals include sofas, large shelves, tables, rugs, chairs, decor and plants.)
  • Assisting with the delivery and installation of furniture rentals to various event venues and locations
  • Representing Loot on-site at deliveries and providing friendly and professional service to our clients.
  • Strong attention to detail to ensure 100% delivery success rate.
  • Part-time hours mostly include mornings and evenings on weekends — sometimes starting as early as 7:00 am or as late as 11:30 pm.
  • Travel may also be required.

A Little Looter Thanksgiving

There’s truly nothing like seeing the holidays through the eyes of a child, and, chances are, at least one of those little turkeys will be on your “things-I’m-most-thankful-for” list this year. SO, why not kick off the season by creating a fun and festive corner of the family gathering for these Little Looters to celebrate in their own special way?

Just because those mini-guests are short in stature, their kids’ table shouldn’t be short on style. Hear straight from Anna and Rhoda about their tips for a fun, stress-free celebration creating memories that last.

*Content repurposed from our previous feature on Photos by Mack Eveland. 


We wanted to create an interactive Thanksgiving kids’ table with a whimsical feel. We’ve had the cedar teepee in our rental inventory for years, but rarely see it used without the canvas. It is so beautiful on its own and creates the perfect structure to make a canopy of dried leaves and light strands. Kids love having a designated space to play in, and this set up gives them that “hideaway,” while still allowing the adults to keep eyes on them. 

The decor was inspired by natural seasonal elements and a monochromatic color scheme of rust, tan, and cream. We used dried florals and leaves overhead instead of a fresh arrangement on the table in order to avoid any spillage. A simple dried sprig or feather tucked in the napkins brought a pop of color to the table setting. For the centerpiece, we arranged raw wooden beads and spools of cotton string doubling as a fun activity!


We made it a point to not have anything breakable or sharp on the tables. Instead of drinking glasses, we used copper mule mugs. Instead of using breakable dishes, we opted for melamine cafeteria trays – the kids also love these for keeping their food separated! We brought in a coffee table for the “dining table” so the littles could sit low to the ground on cushions and pillows instead of in a stiff dining chair. The rugs are super durable – cow hide and jute, which are stain resistant and can take spills. It was super important to us that we have some sort of activity to keep the kids engaged and it be something that had a purpose. Making festive garlands that they can re-purpose for the Christmas tree is a fun way to involve them in holiday traditions! We decided on unfinished wood beads for our garlands (easily found at a craft store or Amazon), but you could also go the more traditional route and do popcorn. We pre-cut string for each kid and attached fishing line to the end to easily string the wooden beads. The kids had so much stringing the beads and later made a game out of playing with their strands.

Please note: This activity is intended for children 3 and over with adult supervision.

Click Here To See Our Kid’s Table Rentals


We do! Whenever we are together on the holiday we usually focus on the decor, foraging greenery from the backyard and arranging wild beautiful centerpieces. Occasionally we will even borrow from our rental collection to make it even more special. 


Mulled wine! And… let the kids be kids! It’s much easier to let them be free, run around with each other, and just have fun rather than having them sit through a formal dinner. 

The Loot Guide to Friendsgiving

We’re suckers for any holiday that celebrates coming together with food, so naturally, when the first taste of fall comes around our wheels start turning about Thanksgiving.

Here are a few of Loot’s essentials for hosting a sure-fire Friendsgiving.

We chose our rustic Cartwright table to gather around, complete with our Oslo Chairs, and Buck Benches (with soft and cozy sheepskin throws). We love the farmhouse feel, but wanted to add
in some fall color. Instead of covering the table with a tablecloth, we used our signature cheesecloth runners, which are a great way to elevate your setting with minimal effort. If they get a little messy from grazing, just throw them in the wash to revive them for your next gathering.

Show off your charcuterie skills with a styled cheese plate. Grab whatever fruit and veggies are in season, and get to slicing.

Pair with your go-to cheeses…our faves are brie for a warm option, blue cheese, & chevre, but let’s be real. We’re hard-pressed to name a cheese we don’t fancy.

Once your guests have enjoyed a pre-dinner snack, it’s time to serve up your signature cocktail. We chose something warm we could enjoy outside or post up with at dinner.

Enter, our Specialty Spiked Wassail.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-4 cups apple cider
-2 lemons, sliced
-1 cinnamon stick
-1/2 inch nub fresh ginger, peeled & grated
-3 star anise (we also used them as a garnish in each glass)
– 1/2 vanilla bean,slit down the middle with insides scooped out
(1/4 ounce vanilla extract will also work!
-Bourbon (we used Bulleit)

Mix everything but the bourbon in a saucepan and let simmer for at least 30 minutes, closer to an hour if you can.
Pour into your fave cocktail glass, add in bourbon, garnish with star anise & blood orange slice. Cheers y’all!

**Have a table full of kiddos or someone skipping alcohol? Lucky for them this bevvy tastes delicious all on its own.

What’s the holidays without a little homemade touch? We wanted to share a fun DIY you could easily do at home to add something unique to your table. All you’ll need is a little patience and Sculpey clay (which you can find at your local craft store).

We made spiral candlestick holders to add in some texture to our table. The clay comes in a wide array of colors so you’ll be set no matter your theme. The key is to shape your holders to the candlesticks
you’re using to ensure a secure fit.

Once you’ve created your desired design, pop it in the oven for about 45 minutes and you’ve got your very own custom candlestick holders! Have some leftover clay? Make up some napkin holders or let the kids take the lead for a post dinner activity.

We’re big believers in the power of a good playlist. Whether you’ve got too many cooks in the kitchen or just need a little encouragement to wake you up early for turkey duty, we’ve got just the mix of tunes for you. You can expect some classics and a few unexpected hits guaranteed to get you groovin’ while you make the gravy. Hell, you may even do the mashed potato!

Loot’s Friendsgiving Playlist

Last but not least, we can’t forget possibly the most important part of Thanksgiving – dessert. We gave ourselves a little break from the kitchen and picked up pecan & pumpkin chai pies from Tiny Pies.
Small but mighty, these pies go quick! We’re still drooling just thinking about them.

Order Tiny Pies



Loot’s Vintage Roots: Anna & Rhoda, On the Hunt

There’s nothing quite like the joy of discovering a unique, vintage piece.  For some, it’s the unearthing of a beautiful treasure. For others, it’s finding a killer deal. Or maybe, it’s the thrill of the hunt, or just an awesome way to spend an afternoon with friends. For Looters, though…it’s a way of life.

While there’s no shortage of amazing markets and towns where you can get your antiquing on, the Holy Grail of them all is Round Top. The town, in between Austin and Houston and boasting only about 90 residents, is a year-round shopping haven, but really comes to life for a couple weeks in the Fall and Spring, when the Round Top Antique Fairs are in full swing. For almost 10 years, it has been treated by Loot as a home-away-from home. Dare we even say it’s our spirit animal?

Curious as to how we Round Top, and hunt in general? Hear it straight from our Co-Founders, Anna & Rhoda.

When/How did you first discover your love for finding vintage treasures?

AC: When I was growing up, my dad was just a true collector at heart. He collected designer, mission-style Stickley furniture, and would search for first-edition Pulitzer Prize and Caldecott-winning books, stamps, all kinds of things. My mom was a collector, too…always looking to add to her art, and her selection of Jadeite and Fiestaware.

We would watch Antiques Roadshow together, and stop alongside the road for any kind of treasures that caught our eye…it could be anything from a hammer glistening in the sun, to a dresser that just needed some love. “Street Treats,” we’d call them…anything that stopped us in our tracks. And, we’d go to all kinds of flea markets and antique stores, too. I’ve always just loved the hunt, and really came into it when I was in high school. My favorites are hunting for vintage clothes and furniture. It’s a Brimberry (my maiden name) trait, we always say!  My brother – Rhoda’s husband! – has it, too. It was just ingrained in us.

RB: Very long ago, for me, too! When I was a kid, my mom would drag me on her yard sale adventures, and I was always into finding a little something for myself. I remember she’d find the most random things to bring home to add to her decor…and she was always looking for a bargain. By the time I was a teen, I started to gain a deep appreciation for thrift shopping. I would hang around a lot of the vintage shops and curate my wardrobe with my vintage finds. Once I started to live on my own, I edged more into interiors.

Tell us a little bit about your first trip to Round Top.

RB: Anna and I went together for our first time more than ten years ago, when we were just starting Loot. I remember we first started building our collection in Canton, and the sight of piles of mismatched vintage dining chairs still excites me like it did the first time we saw all of these treasures piled together under one tent. Miles and miles and fields filled as deep as the eye could see. We could not wrap our eyes and heads around all of the perfection at every turn.

AC: I had never even heard of it before, but we had a fellow vintage-rental business friend from LA that said we HAD to go, so we met her there and shared a hotel. It was all definitely overwhelming! When we got there, I remember thinking, “this is my version of heaven.” It took my breath away!

We made our first big furniture purchase for Loot – a couch. And, we were really into anything rusty, or wiry, at that time. We also got a little too much in the weeds of small things like linens, because it’s what we were collecting at the time. And then, we had to fit everything in Rhoda’s car! We should have brought a truck.

RB: I think those first years of hitting the fields were the most special because we were just still discovering all of the potential Round Top had, and it wasn’t nearly as evolved as it is today.

AC: Over the years, too, we’ve gotten much better at knowing how and when to haggle, and recognizing what things are “supposed to cost.” Just knowing value. We probably overpaid that first trip!

What’s your favorite Round Top find, ever? Personally, and for Loot?

AC: On our second trip, we found this gorgeous, large apothecary cabinet. It’s too big and heavy to actually rent out…we just bought it because we loved it, and could NOT pass it up. Another time, we bought this pair of Arne Norell leather sofas that we put in our Loot Finer Goods shop that are just amazing. (We still have one available!)

RB: It’s really hard to nail down a favorite for Loot, but if I had to pick one thing, I would have to say that large cabinet piece, too! We snagged it as quickly as we could as soon as the tent opened up that day. This particular vendor was known to sell out from all of her collection within minutes of opening. The thrill of the find is almost more exciting than the actual find! But, that piece still sits in our ATX showroom as a welcome to all of our guests.

AC: As for my own finds, my favorite is probably my dining room table…it’s a chippy white, made from a repurposed shed door that someone put on mid-century legs. I love it.

RB: I really love the workbench I found for my husband’s exam room. He gets so many compliments on it from his patients! The size was the key since those little rooms can’t hold much! It was the perfect addition to make his workspace a little unique.

As a Looter, do you head to round top with a particular type of item in mind you’re on the hunt for, or do you just go with whatever you see that inspires you?

AC: A little of both. We usually have a mission from the sales team of things we need to find — items we need more of, or things we don’t have, but are getting requests for from potential clients. When you’re super-focused on a specific list, though, you may miss the many other things around you, like other beautiful and unique pieces.

RB: Yes! But, as years go by and time becomes more scarce, we do go with that list, and also visit our favorite vendors. We also try to make time to delve into the magic of the fields, and maybe discover a new favorite vendor or dealer along the way.

AC: I think we’ve learned that it’s important to explore and have an open mind, while also keeping those priorities in the back of your mind, so you’re sure to recognize a good find, AND a needed item when you see one.

Do you have any favorite vintage items in our Loot rental inventory right now?

RB: I love our Garrison Sculptures. They are so unique and versatile. I had never seen anything like it…a giant piece of organic material (wood) that is set into a base for a sculpture. I love them! I’ve also been very fond of the Ulrik Sofa, as well. I remember when we found it. It was beaming out at us like, “Choose me! Take me home!”

AC: I just really love anything primitive, like old French butcher chopping block tables. And, anything that really shows character, and tells a story…like our Gavin Club Chairs.

Any must-sees/do’s/eats, etc. in Round Top?

AC: On our first trip, we discovered the Iced Tea Slush, and now could never visit without one! Also, the chicken salad at Texas Rose Cafe may be one of my favorite things EVER. Bader Ranch for dinner. Be sure to hit Market Hill, Bill Moore Antiques, Excess Fields One and Two (and, specifically there: Knock on Wood Antiques for finds imported from Morocco). Also, for a deal and great vendors, try La Bahia (tiny town north of Carmine).

RB: I always love trying a new lodging we haven’t been to before. We’ve loved Elisa’s Sunday Haus, Round Top Inn, and Vintage Round Top.

Any tips for Round Top Rookies?

AC & RB:

Go with an open mind, and good walking shoes — there’s so much to discover!

Take your time — we recommend a 2-3 day trip.

Bring a car big enough to carry your treasures! You can ship things, but it’s expensive.

Stay in neighboring towns like La Grange or Brenham — you can save a LOT of money by staying just a short drive outside of Round Top, but still close to all of the fields.

Park in the back of Bar W Field — it’s free, and you can walk all the way down through Warrenton (get all the deals!).

Don’t try to carry your purchases around all day. Tell your dealers you buy from that you’re coming back. Take a picture of the item and where it’s located…use the photos to map out a plan to drive back around and pick up your treasures in the most efficient way possible.

Bring snacks!

Wear layers!

Have fun!