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Stories To Hold Dear

We are loving on dark nordic vibes. Rich jewel toned velvets, dried florals, geometric shapes and earthy elements come together for this lavish and moody style. Our collection has always carried a common thread as each piece is hand picked with the utmost thought and care. Our collection is one we hold dear.

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Demijohn, sm

Demijohn, med

Biergarten Table and Bench Sets

Constance Bench

Joel Stool

Darla Sofa

Franc Bench

Henny Dome Pendants

Gunmetal Tolix Chairs

Ceramic Dishware

Brenda Chairs

Inga Biergarten Table

Buck Benches

Gold Moda Flatware - 5 pc. setting

Brown Goblets

Denton Coffee Tables

Acacia Wood Chargers

Copper Moda Flatware - 5 pc. setting

Highball Glasses

Lowball Glasses

Walton's Lounge

Edie Sofa

Skid Table

Skid Table

Large Chapatti Board

Archer Sofa

Pillow // White Mudcloth, sm

Pillow // White Mudcloth, lg

Small Hemp Ottomans

Small Hemp Ottomans

Daphne Chairs

Large Hemp Ottomans

Florence Settee

Rue Side Tables

Margaux Chairs

Topher Sofas

Topher Sofas

Renée Runner

Pillow // Rust Linen

Enzo Chairs

Pillow // Rust Mudcloth Color Block, lumbar

Jodi Side Table

Pillow // Tan Moon Blue Dot Block

Pillow // Mustard Velvet Lumbar

Woodlief Side Table Set

Malia Sofa

Eastwood Chairs

Eastwood Chairs

Assorted Geodes

Fairfax Rug

Shiva Rug

Izzy Chairs

Aziz Rug

Pillow // Black Block Print

Mia Rug

Sheepskin Rugs - Natural

Pillow // Black Mudcloth, sm

Pillow // Black Mudcloth, lumbar

Pillow // Black Mudcloth, lg

Vintage Hardback Books

Kilim Pillow #20 (sm)