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Off The Grid

Off The Grid

Relax & Breathe Deep

Our exploration begins in the high plains of Marfa, Texas where the scene of minimal design, natural elements, and pops of color delight the senses. Relax and breath deep the desert air while allowing your artistry to explore the landscape.

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Jordan Wicker Stool

Vintage Parachute

Marbled Ceramic Dishware x Eliana Bernard

Bertoia Chairs

Poplar Bars (5' long)

Blanca Chairs

Poplar Bars (7' long)

Boris Pots

Natural Mudcloth Napkins

Boyd Communal Tables

Goliath Shelves

Cartwright Farm Tables

Henny Dome Pendants

Raz Poufs

Mismatched Dining Chairs

Apollo Cocktail Tables

Gold Moda Flatware - 5 pc. setting

Scout Military Chairs

3ft Snake Plant

Spanish Bodega Glasses 

African Senufo Stools

Small Chapatti Board

Large Chapatti Board

Abbey Rug

Turkish Floor Cushions

Grapewood Branch, sm

Grapewood Branch, lg

Robinson Ladders

Burt Side Tables

Turkish Cheeseboards

Rusty Potato Basket

Bri Tables

Justina Tables

Trinidad Chairs

Wegner Chairs

Hilbert Cow Skull

Nash Cowhide Rug

Jute Rug with Fringe // 8'x10'

Cuzco Rug

Ezra Chairs

Hiram Rug

Jolene Chairs

Daya Cocoon Chairs


Peruvian Pillow #1

Peruvian Pillow #2

Peruvian Pillow #3

Peruvian Lumbar #1 // Small

Peruvian Lumbar #2 // Small

Peruvian Lumbar #3 // Small

Peruvian Lumbar #1 // Large

Peruvian Lumbar #2 // Large

Peruvian Lumbar #3 // Large

Pillow // Peruvian Pink + Green

Brass Arc Lamp