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Pivotal Love

Pivotal Love

Shapes & Dimension

In our first Lookbook, we explore our love of geometric shapes and how they play among the classic vintage and global style furnishings in our collection.

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Demijohn, sm

Avalon Shelves

Demijohn, med

Clear Goblets

Natural Mudcloth Napkins

Brass Tray #2

Copper Tolix Chairs

Juniper Bars

Gage Tables

Brass Tolix Chairs

Green Goblets

Gunmetal Tolix Chairs

Ceramic Dishware

Blue Goblets

Natural Mudcloth Runners

Black Mudcloth Runners

Pillow // Flokati

Ramona Table

Vintage Indigo Shibori Runner

Javelina Pottery, Speckled Cream

Javelina Pottery, White Glaze

Turkish clay pottery (medium)

Copper Tray

Wicker Tray Set

Black Mudcloth Floor Cushions

Small Chapatti Board

White Mudcloth Floor Cushions

Large Chapatti Board

9" Marble Top Cakestand

12" Marble Top Cakestand

Large Woven Basket

Mae Side Table

Zoe Side Table

Marilyn Side Tables

Jasmine Ottomans

Rachel Floor Cushion

Hendrix Hedrons

Robinson Ladders

Miles Side Tables

Assorted Brass Vessels

Jodi Side Table

Gavin Club Chairs

Robinson ladder // five rung

Pillow// Indigo Mudcloth

Robinson ladder // four rung

Malik Rug

Wegner Chairs

Nash Cowhide Rug

Pillow // Indigo Kantha, sm

Sheepskin Rug - Gradient Grey

Daya Cocoon Chairs

Mia Rug

Pillow // Pakistan Embroidered Black White (med)

Samira Rug

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Kilim Pillow #8 (sm)

Kilim Pillow #20 (sm)

Kilim Pillow #1 (med)

Kilim PIllow #3 (med)