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Well hello, there! Welcome back to a new edition of New Loot Monday!
We are so pleased to introduce you to two of the newest members of the Loot family, Lorraine and Lucy.

These two just returned from their trip to beauty parlor totally renewed and nearly unrecognizable! They shed their faded exterior to bring new a new glow to your event. They don a white linen that illuminates beauty and radiance of your special day, just like the setting sun radiates from the water of the rich blue Mediterranean Sea.
Lorraine and Lucy tried to share their story with us, but we had a tough time making anything out from their thick greek accents. Something to do with trying to sell a reduced calorie spanikopita recipe to a bunch of traditionalists. Suffice it to say, they are ready to start a new chapter as beautiful fixtures in your event and hope to never have to work with phyllo dough again. Opa!

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