$500 (not including fees) for orders requiring delivery


  • Because we are small, we want to make sure we give clients our best quality without spreading our team too thin.
  • We would love the opportunity to give our prospective clients a tour of our showroom and warehouse to show them everything we have to offer to help meet the minimum order requirement. We have everything required to throw the perfect party or stage the ideal scene.
  • Orders $500 and under are eligible for Will-Call


  • We are happy to hold items for 2 weeks on a proposal, however a proposal does NOT guarantee the availability of any items. During SXSW and other peak event times, we are able to reserve items on a proposal for 1 week only.
  • All reservations require a 50% deposit on the rental order, a signed contract, and credit card on file.
  • Payments shall be accepted by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • All rental orders must be finalized at least 10 days prior to the event date with payment in full.


  • 5% of the rental order. This covers all the cleaning and normal wear and tear repairs required after items are returned from events. This allows the client peace of mind knowing that we’ll handle the maintenance of items so they’ll be back in working order for your next event. If there is substantial damage requiring major repairs and/or re-upholstery caused by the client, we will utilize the waiver payment as well to cover the charges. If the repairs exceed what was paid in the Peace of Mind waiver, we will contact you for further payment as outlined in the terms & conditions.


  • Orders $500 and less are eligible for Will-Call with the following guidelines:
    • We will determine what items are best fit for Will-Call.
    • Items must be picked up in a covered vehicle and client is responsible for proper supplies (tie-downs and blankets) to ensure safe transport of our items.
    • Will-Call is available during normal business hours M-Th 10a-5p and Friday 10a-2p. Any orders picked up or returned outside of our normal Will-Call hours will be subject to an additional charge of $50.
    • Once items leave our warehouse, client is responsible for the care of our items. Any damages or loss incurred during transport or on-site at event will be the responsibility of the client. Will-Call orders will be assessed a 15% damage waiver and an additional $25 service fee if the order total is under $250 (this allows our staff to pull the items and prepare them for your event).


  • Orders made within 1 week of delivery are subject to a 10% Rush Fee applied to the entire order.
  • Minimum rental requirement must be met prior to the rush order fees.
  • All orders finalized within 1 week must be paid with credit card.


  • Changes and additions to existing order may require an additional deposit.
  • Orders may be canceled 90 days or more prior to the event date with full refund.
  • Orders canceled within 90 days of event date, Loot retains full deposit.
  • Items removed from order within 90 days of event date must be swapped for other items of equal or greater value. If items are canceled completely within 90 days of event, Loot retains full deposit on those items.
  • Orders canceled within 10 days of delivery date, Loot retains full balance. If full balance has yet to paid, Loot may charge credit card on file.


  • DESIGN CONSULTATION: A design consultation fee will apply if client requests a site visit with a Loot Stylist. We will recommend the best layout plan for the event while offering design advice on achieving the client’s vision. If installation or draping is recommended or requested, we will come up with a plan to best execute the job.
    • A $125 Design Consultation Fee must be paid in full prior to site visit that will be applied to your order should you decide to hire Loot. If order already made and deposit paid, the in-town site visit charge will be waived for one visit. 
    • Fee includes a one (1) hour site visit at any venue within 20 miles of Loot. Any additional site visits requested will be billed at $125/hour per stylist and $50/hour per crew member.
    • If venue is outside the 20 mile radius, round trip mileage will be billed at the standard IRS rate.
    • If time on-site exceeds one (1) hour, client will be billed at 50% of our standard rate. $62.50/hour per stylist and $25/hour per crew member.


  • If your event requires the services of a stylist to apply final touches to the details, we can help.
  • STYLIST: $125/hour
  • CREW MEMBER: $50/hour
  • MILEAGE: Round-trip mileage (for stylist and additional set-up crew aside from delivery crew) from Loot will be billed at the standard IRS rate.
  • ROOM AND BOARD: Hotel ($75/person unless otherwise noted) and a per diem of $50/day/per person will be provided to stylists and crew members for venues outside of Loot’s 70 mile radius.


  • We are available for custom design projects that fit our brand’s aesthetic. For Loot to concept a custom design, we require a  non-refundable deposit which goes toward materials and execution. In order to give the project the attention it deserves, we require at least 30 days of production time, dependent on the scope of the project.  Each custom project is priced based on the following:
    • Production time ($100/hour) + Cost of Materials if created in house. 
    • Outsourced projects will be assessed on a project-by-project basis.
    • Custom installation and delivery not included in the quote.


  • Rental orders over $500 require delivery.
  • In-town delivery starts at $300 and increases based on distance, peak season times, load + crew size and any venue restrictions. It includes:
    • Time and labor involved in pulling, preparing and packing the truck prior to the event.
    • Time, mileage and gas traveling to the venue.
    • Unloading items off truck at venue.
    • Setting up items in the designated areas.
    • Time, mileage and gas traveling back to warehouse.
    • Time, mileage and gas returning to venue to pick-up and pack items back in truck at the end of the event.
    • Time, mileage and gas traveling back to warehouse.
    • Time and labor to unload truck and place items back to where they belong.
    • Use of Loot truck or rental vehicle.
    • All moving supplies necessary.
    • All large items (tables, chairs and furniture) are set in place according to a floor plan or direction given on-site. Smaller bins of items and dishes are placed accordingly for on-site contact to unpack and place. Please note: our delivery crews are not as aesthetically focused as our stylists and therefore not responsible for styling pillows, smalls, or making layout adjustments.
    • Styling services must be reserved separately if client wishes to include styling of small items and decor. $125/stylist/hr. Does not require a styling contract.
    • Loot is only contracted to set up and handle Loot Rentals. Any set-up of venue or client’s own property is strictly prohibited.
  • If EVENT FLIP is included on order, Loot ensures:
    • At agreed upon time, all Loot Rentals are moved from one site to another site specified.
    • All Loot Rentals be placed according to layout or direction given on-site.
    • Adequate crew size to execute event flip in time allotted.
    • Please Note: Crew must be provided a meal if staying for flip.
  • Out-of-Town Deliveries start at $420 and increase based on distance, load + crew size and any venue restrictions. Venues outside Loot’s 70 mile radius, are considered “out of town” and require room and board for crew members which is not included in the delivery fee.
  • The delivery fee includes:
    • Time and labor involved in pulling and packing the truck prior to the event.
    • Time, mileage and gas traveling to the venue.
    • Unloading items at venue and setting up in appropriate locations through direction of the event planner.
    • Time, mileage and gas traveling to hotel.
    • Time, mileage and gas returning to venue to pick-up items at the end of the event.
    • Time, mileage and gas traveling back to hotel.
    • Time, mileage and gas traveling back to warehouse.
    • Time and labor to unload truck and place items back to where they belong.
    • Use of Loot truck or rental vehicle.
    • All moving supplies necessary.
    • ROOM AND BOARD: Hotel ($75/person unless otherwise noted) and a per diem of $50/day/person will be provided to stylists and crew members for venues outside of Loot’s 70 mile radius.
  • Loot requires adequate access to delivery site, including but not limited to: drive-up access to outdoor events, minimum of 4’ wide hallways, a standard size freight elevator (8’ wide or larger), and ramp access rather than stairs.
    • If such access is not available, the client must inform Loot as additional manpower/time will be required for delivery. Failure to notify Loot of such delivery conditions may result in additional delivery fees.



All rentals are priced according to a daily rate. For events lasting more than a 24 hour time period, we are happy to quote you our multi-day rate and weekly rates.

    • Please note: During SXSW and other peak times, orders will not be eligible for our weekly and multi-day rates and items will be subject to a daily rental rate for each 24 hr period out of the Loot warehouse.
  • Peak Season Dates: March 1st – June 30th // September 1st – December 31st

If you’d like Loot’s help to sell your home, we offer staging packages as follows:

Base Rate: $2,500 per month which includes the Heart of the Home (entry, kitchen, dining room, living room and 2 bathrooms). We can deliver, install and style all the furnishings and details for $1000. 

Additional Staged Areas

If you need more areas staged and styled, we charge as follows:

$600 for addl. living room

$550 master bedroom

$350 office

$175 entry way (to include art + lamps, console, etc)

$350 addl. dining room

$325 addl. kitchen/dining

$400 outdoor living or dining

$200 small outdoor living space

$450 addl. bedroom

$100 addl. bath

$100 addl. styled spaces

In addition to staging the home, our staging package includes custom detailed photography highlighting the home to supplement the professional realtor photography as well as dedicated marketing through our online channels of over 20K followers including Instagram, blog and Facebook.

Based on Two Months. First Month = Base Rate + Install + Additional Areas. Total not to exceed 1% of the listing price. (Can be prorated daily after first month) 


If you are a home stager and need furnishings and decor without the design services, look no further! Loot is excited to offer our extensive collection of furnishings for your next staging project. If move-in date is within one to two weeks, we offer our collection at half off the daily rate for a month’s worth of staging rental. In addition, we can deliver and place the items where you need for a base rate of $125 (between the hours of 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F). Please add $30/30 mins if you need our delivery crew to spend extra time on site making sure your project is perfectly staged and ready for the sale! We have additional staging inventory available not found on our site. For exclusive access to this inventory, please inquire within or schedule an appointment to marvel at it in person.

  • A 50% discount will be applied to rentals being used for photoshoots that are mutually beneficial. Delivery is required for large, bulky items and is not discounted.
    • Hourly rates do not apply


    • $400/hour during working hours (M-F 10-5) with 3 hour minimum.
    • $500/hour outside normal working hours with 3 hour minimum.
    • $800/hour during SXSW with 3 hour minimum.
    • Includes all furnishings. Table top items including plates, napkins, flatware and glassware is available for additional rental cost. 
    • Additional staffing rates will apply if rented outside of normal working hours.
    • Cleaning fees are included.
    • Inquire for additional details and conditions