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Set the Holiday Table with LOOT


It’s getting to be the most wonderful time of the year!

The time where family and friends gather together, cook together, and finally settle in at the table together with packed plates and stories to share. It’s a time to reflect, catch up with loved ones, and build memories with one another. It is, without a doubt, one of the best times of the year.

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This holiday season, set the table with memories in mind.

With a little help from our vintage pieces you create a holiday table that is both stunning and comfortable. Choose from our wide selection of china, flatware, glassware, decor, even tables and chairs. You are sure to create an inviting space perfectly suited for your holiday.

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Handmade by Loot with Love


Over the past week we’ve been sharing Penny’s woes and just can’t take the sadness of her situation any longer, help is on the way, Penny!

We’re so excited to share Loot’s solution to all of your DIY problems!  We’ve officially added a handmade rentals line to our rental family and hope to relieve all the Penny’s of the world from DIY madness.  We see the stresses of DIY all too often, how it takes a toll on the bride & takes a lot of the happiness out of wedding planning, so we want to help!

 We have created simple items that can be easily customized to fit your unique style. Backdrops in neutral tones that pair beautifully with any color scheme you choose. Table top details that can mix and match wonderfully with some of our vintage rentals or your florals alone, creating the perfect accents to show off your sweet style.
Starting today you will be able to see some of our growing handmade collection which we’ve added to our inventory offerings on the site. Throughout the coming weeks we will be unveiling more unique backdrops, tabletop decor and other handmade desires to our new line.  Our handmade rentals are here to help you create a stunning wedding without all the late nights and wasted money…a bride needs her beauty sleep, right?!
And, if you still want to take the credit for all the beautiful details of your wedding that have your guests drooling, you may. Your secret is safe with us. Plus, you’ll be the bride that doesn’t have the crafting battle scars to damper the day, and a little extra jingle in your pocket for the wonderful date nights to come!
We are so excited to offer our brides a way to have their cake (and crafts!) and eat it too.  So here’s to no more late nights, crafting gone wrong, and most importantly, to bringing the happy back to wedding planning!
Lootfully Yours,