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Through connection we gain courage to change. That's where we are in the Loot story.
Undergoing vast change to get to the next level. Over the summer, Anna and her family set out
on an exploration to DFW where they have set up their homestead. The beautiful area full of rich
Texan culture lured them quickly, and we are so very excited to offer our aesthetic to those needing
something a little edgy and refined to their events in the area.

Loot has officially opened shop in North Texas, and there couldn't be a better place for our
second location than the town of Fort Worth that exudes rich, unparalleled flavor.

Like the whistle of a train alerting the townsfolk that something exciting has arrived, we hope to
bring something special and fresh to our new community. We have been greeted with open arms,
for which we are so thankful.

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