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Natural Modern

Natural Modern

Earthy & Grounded

Inspired by natural elements such as African mudcloth, raffia, carved wood, bamboo, tribal designs and hemp. This favorite vibe leads the way to a modern monochromatic scene.

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Demijohn, sm

Camper Table

Rabia Seagrass Ottomans

Oslo Chairs

Demijohn, med

French Wicker Fruit Basket

Seagrass Cushions

Agnes Sofa

Gretchen Pedestal Table

Torrin Pots

Black Mudcloth Napkins

Poplar Bars (5' long)

Huck Hutch

Cody Tables, sm

Poplar Bars (7' long)

Charcoal Ceramic Dishware

Wooden Crates

Cartwright Farm Tables

Pinky Ottomans, med

Juniper Bars

Rabia Seagrass Mat

Goliath Shelves

Gage Tables

Ceramic Dishware

Primitive Woven Basket

Rice Grinder Side Tables

Primitive Dough Bowl

Pillow // Cream Square

Neva Loveseats

Natural Mudcloth Runners

Skylar Chairs

Teak Boys

African Senufo Stools

Zara Chairs

Javelina Pottery, Speckled Cream

Black Bamilekke Tables

Javelina Pottery, White Glaze

Pillow // Neutral Turkish Hemp

Cyrus Wood Coffee Table

Natural Modern Lounge

Pillow // Neutral Hemp Lumbar

White Essex Butterfly Chairs

Pillow // Striped Turkish Hemp

Acapulco Rocking Chairs, White

Piper Popcorn Poufs

Brazos Lounge

Large Woven Tray

Pillow // Natural Linen

Driftwood Lounge

Ramsey Chairs

Pillow // Striped Moroccan Pom

Pillow // White Mudcloth, sm

Pillow // White Mudcloth, lg

Iman Table

Pillow // Natural Geo Print

41" Grass Plant

Trenton Teak Sculptures

Kulu Rug

Grapewood Branch, sm

Brass Cakestand

Grapewood Branch, lg

Baird Sofa

Burt Side Tables

Turkish Cheeseboards

Ansel Dough Bowl on Stand

Pillow // Rust Linen

French Plow

Pillow // Rust Mudcloth Color Block, lumbar

Pillow // Rust Mudcloth Color Block, lumbar

Pillow // Rust Mudcloth, sm

PIllow // Coarse Linen

Zanzibar Tables

Pillow // Mustard Velvet Lumbar

Bri Tables

Pillow // Mustrard Velvet

Justina Tables

Turkish Clay Pottery, sm

Justina Tables

Samson Tables

Zimber Settee

Malia Sofa

Josephine Sofa

Wood Stumps

Dax Sofa

Killen Side Table

Tarek Sofa

Nash Cowhide Rug

Assorted Geodes

Jolene Chairs

Sheepskin Rug - Gradient Grey

Circle Jute Rug

Pillow // Navy Linen


Fairfax Rug

Wooden Blocks

Trixie Chairs

Wooden Blocks

Pillow // Silver Gray Velvet

Pillow // Patchwork Dhurrie, Gray

Pillow // Charcoal Gray Velvet

Pillow // Savannah Pillow

Klaus Outdoor Chairs

Pillow // Latte Linen

Pillow // Kuba Cloth - Brown/Tan

Mia Rug

Samira Rug

Pillow // Pakistan Embroidered Black White (med)

Pillow // Pakistan Embroidered Black White (sm)

Sheepskin Rugs - Natural

Dozer Cowhide Rug

Pillow // Aztec Pattern

Jute Rug without Fringe // 9'x12'

Pillow // Black Mudcloth, sm

Pillow // Black Mudcloth, lumbar

Flokati Rug

Pillow // Black Mudcloth, lg

Wrapped Coverless Books

Nicholas Blanket

Black Mudcloth Blankets

Kilim Pillow #1 (sm)

White Mudcloth Blankets

Kilim Pillow #3 (sm)

Souk Shag Rug

Skold Sheepskin Rug

Jassa Vase, small