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Nouveau Americana

Nouveau Americana

Industrial & Rugged

Nouveau Americana will make you want to grab a bourbon and kick your boots off. Using textiles from America’s past like vintage army tents, U.S. Mail sacks, raw indigo, and distressed leather, we sought to bring new life to some of the classics and set a scene Rosie the Riveter would be proud of.

Shop the Vibe

Camper Table

Ellis Bar

Elm Benches

Wicker Wash Basket

Eisenhower Theater Bench

Wicker Basket Demijohn

Stanley Theater Bench

Rush Bench

Torrin Pots

Poplar Bars (5' long)

Colt Shelves

Tall Emerson Stool

Taylor Drawers

Short Emerson Stool

Natural Mudcloth Napkins

Fletcher Vanity

Goliath Shelves

Bobbie Table

Joel Stool

Gage Tables

Doctor's Drawers

Franc Bench

Ceramic Dishware

Ryan's Desk

Gunmetal Tolix Chairs

Bodhi Tables

Rowan Wooden Bench

Isaac Bench

Hardy Factory Table

Inga Biergarten Table

Ennis Table

Scout Military Chairs

Silas Table

Briscoe Crank Tables

Olsen Bench

Spanish Bodega Glasses 

Sammy Poufs

Amos Cart

Aidan Bench

Ripley Chairs

Roscoe Poufs

Percy Cart

Washington Flag

Polly Podium

Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses - Green

Lincoln Flag

Copper Moda Flatware - 5 pc. setting

Vintage Fruit Crates

Blue Striped Grainsack Runners

Black Striped Grainsack Runners

Cyrus Wood Coffee Table

Dean Chairs

Prudence Table

Chinese Indigo Batik Dyed Cloth

Canton Step Stool

Lucille Sofa

Grant Coffee Tables

Ruck Stool

Vintage Silver Flatware

Anderson Stool

Wicker Tray Set

Buck Stools

Pillow // Natural Linen

Baby Bath // Green Stand

Skid Table

Patton Sofa

Vintage Electric Fan

Bordeaux Barrels

Alfie Juggling Pins

Vintage Shoe Forms

Pillow // Grainsack Blue Stripe

Pillow // Grainsack Gold + Blue Stripe

Lars Copper Mug

Pillow // Striped Diamond Patch Grainsack

Robinson Ladders

Burt Side Tables

Gomer Chairs

Garrett Sofa

Carlisle Sofa

Maude Chairs

French Plow

Fitzgerald Sofa

PIllow // Coarse Linen

Antler Stand

Steinbeck Chair

Vintage Table Number Stand, sm

Vintage Table Number Stand, med

Gavin Club Chairs

Pillow // Cross Patch Grainsack

Pillow // Cross Patch Striped Grainsack

Wegner Chairs

Hilbert Cow Skull

Nash Cowhide Rug

Eastwood Chairs

Small Glass Buoys

Pillow // Indigo Kantha, sm

Pillow // Indigo Kantha, med

Pillow // Indigo Kantha, lg

Pillow // Navy Dotted Linen

Pillow // Navy Linen

Pillow // Navy Velvet

Jones Suitcase

Professor Chalkboard

Metal Arrow

Orly Shipping Crate

Underwood Shipping Crate

Sheepskin Rugs - Natural

Dozer Cowhide Rug

Ulysses Blanket

Stonewall Blanket

Sherman Blanket

Faribaut Blanket

Nicholas Blanket

Kilim Pillow #12 (sm)