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Soho Luxe

Soho Luxe

Iconic & Lush

Lavish velvets coupled with gilded treasures. Our Soho Luxe vibe appeals to the finest tastes that don’t settle for the average. More is more in this style leaving your senses full of refined indulgence.

Shop the Vibe

Bingham Table Lamp

Dylan Floor Lamp

Vintage Parachute

Industrial Pendant Cage Lights

Marbled Ceramic Dishware x Eliana Bernard

Ava Table

Thonet Chairs

Ellis Bar

Eisenhower Theater Bench

Gold-Rimmed Champagne Flutes

Oscar Black Bentwood Stool

Avalon Shelves

Sugi Ban Bars

Stanley Theater Bench

Gold-Rimmed Goblets

Clear Goblets

Black Mudcloth Napkins

Vintage Brass Serving Trays

Dylan Table 

Assorted Green Bottles

Leather Strap + Marble Tables

Brass Tray #1

Brass Poly Terrariums

Constance Bench

Taylor Drawers

Fletcher Vanity

Bondi Stool

Assorted Silver Vessels

Doctor's Drawers

Brass Tray #3

Ceramic Dishware

Thibaut Bentwood Chairs

Dimitri Coffee Tables

Prop Camera

Gold Moda Flatware - 5 pc. setting

Elvira Table Lamp

Parker Coffee Table

Briscoe Crank Tables

Vintage Silver Serving Trays

Monroe Bar Cart

Papier Mache Bust

Sammy Poufs

Cecilia Bar Cart

Roscoe Poufs

Magda Coffee Tables

Veda Table

Ferdinand Globe

Highball Glasses

Lewis Tables

Irving Mantel

Golden Glam Collection

Dean Chairs

Adele Ottoman

Silver Serving Platter

Large Linen Poufs

Marigold Settee

Pillow // Neutral Silk JigSaw

Vintage Silver Flatware

Little Debbie Poufs

Celeste Sofa

Pillow // Neutral Silk Damask

Edie Sofa

Pillow // Natural Linen

Lucca Bistro Tables

Prop Typewriter

Vintage Electric Fan

Jade Sofa

Hondo Ottoman

Perla Chairs

Fiona Sofa

Mae Side Table

Robyn Sofa

Lars Copper Mug

Roxy Chairs

Florence Settee

Regina Chairs

Marilyn Side Tables

Margaux Chairs

Martell Chairs

Assorted Brass Goblets

Pillow // Burnt Orange Lumbar

Copper Vessels

Simms Chairs

Modern Brass Candlesticks

Ace Side Tables

Renée Runner

Gramercy Tables

Pillow // Rust Velvet

Amber Apothecary Jars

PIllow // Rust Velvet Lumbar

Jester Settee

Harlow Rug

Garrett Sofa

Rusty Floating Frame

Carlisle Sofa

Fitzgerald Sofa

Brass Candelabras

Vintage Brass Candlesticks

Brass + Glass Box

Peggy Tables

Assorted Brass Vessels

Jodi Side Table

Metal Table Stand, med

Pillow // Mustard Velvet Lumbar

Savannah Settee

Metal Table Stand, lg

Harper Chairs

Evelyn Settee

Pillow // Mustrard Velvet

Windsor Chairs

PIllow // Olive Green Velvet

Sloan Sofa

Steinbeck Chair

Samson Tables

Pillow // Hunter Green Velvet

Jasper Chairs

Vintage Table Number Stand, med

Pillow // Navy + Green Tartan

Pillow // Teal Velvet

Ringo Sofa

Gavin Club Chairs

Pasha Rug

PIllow // Jadeite Velvet

Marcel Rug

Malik Rug

Arlo Chairs

Pillow // Navy Linen

Pillow // Navy Velvet

Pillow // Taupe Velvet

Vera Rug

Pillow // Silver Gray Velvet

Pillow // Silver Gray Velvet

Shiva Rug

Shima Persian Rug

Pillow // Gray Moroccan Pom

Goli Rug

Frankie Loungers

Pillow // Charcoal Gray Velvet

Bahia Rug

Pillow // Savannah Pillow

Amberlin Persian Rug

Pillow // Latte Linen

Melba Rug

Yoshi Rug

Pillow // Black + Red Plaid

Vintage Hardback Books

Ruby Rug

Tara Rug

Faribaut Blanket

Skold Sheepskin Rug