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Lootsgiving Style: Our Spin On Thanksgiving

When we feel the first bit of chill in the air, Loot starts piecing together our Thanksgiving vibe. We’re so happy to share what we’ve been pouring our hearts into this holiday season.

This year, warm metals, furs and tumbleweeds are the inspiration behind our Thanksgiving gathering.

Thanksgiving table Loot inspo

With tumbleweeds hanging above and animal hides tucked underfoot, this cozy tablescape is so inviting, we can’t wait to share it with our loved ones. Our rustic table is loaded with a contrast of copper metals and cool linens, giving us the warmest holiday feelings as our family and friends gather around.

Thanksgiving Tablescape by Loot Rentals
Thanksgiving table inspiration
Thanksgiving Inspiration

There’s no shortage of dreamy details to reminisce about in the years to come. From the eye-catching display of ladders to the colorful conversation shared, not only will our bellies be full this Thanksgiving, our hearts will be full as well.

Loot's Thanksgiving inspiration details.
Thanksgiving Inspiration Loot Rentals
Loot's Thanksgiving inspiration

 Save room for dessert! This multi-functional antique hutch is one of our favorite finds from our Round Top excursions, and makes for a perfect place for grandma to share her famous buttermilk pie.

Loot Rentals Thanksgiving inspiration details

There’s no doubt that this Thanksgiving will be one to remember – Happy Thanksgiving from our Loot family to yours.

There’s still time to make your Thanksgiving celebration a special one with pieces from our gorgeous collection. Let’s talk about your holiday wish list today! (no minimums on will-call orders)


Just in case you missed it…

Loot was on TV!
A few weeks ago, KXAN invited us over and let us deck out Studio 512 for a special interview with Anna and Rhoda. We had so much fun in the process! The set was the perfect mix of rustic and modern—with added texture from our killer kilim pillows AND some fabulous florals and foliage compliments of Bricolage Curated Florals.
If you missed it, you can check it out here!
Lootfully Yours,
The Loot Team

Handmade by Loot with Love


Over the past week we’ve been sharing Penny’s woes and just can’t take the sadness of her situation any longer, help is on the way, Penny!

We’re so excited to share Loot’s solution to all of your DIY problems!  We’ve officially added a handmade rentals line to our rental family and hope to relieve all the Penny’s of the world from DIY madness.  We see the stresses of DIY all too often, how it takes a toll on the bride & takes a lot of the happiness out of wedding planning, so we want to help!

 We have created simple items that can be easily customized to fit your unique style. Backdrops in neutral tones that pair beautifully with any color scheme you choose. Table top details that can mix and match wonderfully with some of our vintage rentals or your florals alone, creating the perfect accents to show off your sweet style.
Starting today you will be able to see some of our growing handmade collection which we’ve added to our inventory offerings on the site. Throughout the coming weeks we will be unveiling more unique backdrops, tabletop decor and other handmade desires to our new line.  Our handmade rentals are here to help you create a stunning wedding without all the late nights and wasted money…a bride needs her beauty sleep, right?!
And, if you still want to take the credit for all the beautiful details of your wedding that have your guests drooling, you may. Your secret is safe with us. Plus, you’ll be the bride that doesn’t have the crafting battle scars to damper the day, and a little extra jingle in your pocket for the wonderful date nights to come!
We are so excited to offer our brides a way to have their cake (and crafts!) and eat it too.  So here’s to no more late nights, crafting gone wrong, and most importantly, to bringing the happy back to wedding planning!
Lootfully Yours,

Loot Partners with Dovetail Logistics to Serve Dallas, Houston and San Antonio

The pain we have felt each and every time we are unable to fulfill a long distance request took over. We just were not satisfied with being unable to flawlessly and seamlessly execute deliveries across extensive miles while making sure we were still maintaining our quality of commitment on the home front in Austin.
Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 12.09.02 PM
Over the summer, we got to know a great friend in Dovetail Logistics while helping out with a photo shoot in Dallas. We were so taken with their caliber of performance and extension of services beyond the typical delivery and execution teams that we couldn’t withhold our excitement to talk with these guys in greater detail.
Dovetail Logistics, an arm of TACT events based out of LA (also serving northern California) has a super great team of experts on the ground in Texas as well! If the synchronized chambray shirts weren’t enough to catch our eye, their polite, servant attitude and willingness to go the distance made us feel super special.
At Loot, we set ourselves apart because of similar qualities we saw in Dovetail and we thought it would be a shame not to embrace the likemindedness and ask for their partnership in sharing our loot love across the miles.
Starting immediately, Loot is available to travel the miles beyond Austin and the Hill Country with the help of Dovetail Logistics. Please send all requests and we’ll do our best to make you feel as special as we felt when we first experienced their quality service. And you’ve just gotta check their super style in person. You won’t be disappointed!
Lootfully Yours,
Rhoda and Anna

Our Newest Looter and Aspiring Leg Wrestler, Loren.


We are so excited to introduce our newest Loot gal, Loren Goldberg. We snatched up Loren after meeting her as the planner for an upcoming wedding we’re styling. We knew right away that she was the perfect match for our little team and we’re so looking forward to all the new and exciting offerings and projects Loot has up its sleeve now that Loren’s on board.
Our little Austin native is a lover of color and all things vintage and crafty. DIY is her thing and gosh darn it, we love her for it.
Here’s a little taste of her pinterest loves that you can find on her board.


If not to talk about all things Loot, Loren is always on hand to share her favorite spots around Austin.  When she’s not holding down the fort, you might find her at Polvos, Maya Star, Lucy in Disguise, uncommon objects, Emma Long Park, Ski Shores Restaurant, Auditorium Shore, Beehive, La Garage Sale, C-Jane, or one of the many bodies of water in the area. 

Other things you need to know about Loren: She has dressed as Mary Poppins, Spike Lee, Hulkmania, Patty Mayonnaise, and a cupcake. Also, she’s a mean leg wrester. You might think twice before crossing her.
Give is a call and ask for Loren! She’ll be your BFF before you know it.
Lootfully Yours,
Our growing Loot Team!

New Loot Monday: The Opus Chairs


Ah, the Opus chairs.  This improbable love story began in a circus.  She was the fierce lion-tamer’s chair, and he was the chair of the bearded woman.  She spent her days fighting passionate battles between beast and man.  He spent his quiet days as a sideshow, supporting a heavy load.  Together over long journeys by train, they fell into an enduring love.  You see, this is a love story born out of contrasts…black and white.  

After retiring from the circus and joining Loot, the Opus chairs are enjoying their quiet days together.  Painted in a shiny black lacquer and with white striped fronts and slate velvet backs, they have never looked better.  They spend their early mornings drinking coffee and playing bridge, but they love going to events…especially weddings.  


The Coffee Table with Rhoda and Anna

Your Favorite Blend out of LA is written by two “sisters” with a love for the art of life, and a fondness for coffee.
Check out this sweet little blog post featuring Anna, Rhoda and Pluto…the coffee table.

Not only does this perfectly colored chippy metal coffee table look like a planet, we found it appropriate to give it the name Pluto due to the disrespect the little guy gets in space. Pluto, you’ll always be a planet to us.

With love,
Rhoda and Anna
The Coffee Table with Rhoda and Anna.

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